BreAnna Carmack

Daily Activities

  1. Pediatricians provide medical care for infants, children, teenagers, and young adults.

Medical Careers : How to Become a Pediatrician

Working conditions

  1. Have a high level of social interaction. They constantly talk with patients, parents, and medical staff.Always work indoors.Must be very exact and accurate in performing their job. Work more than 40 hours per week.

Yearly wages (pay)

  1. The yearly wage is $181,270 per year

Preparation and / or training

  1. Have a high school diploma. Have a bachelor's degree. Graduate from medical school. Complete an internship. Pass a state licensing exam.

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5 important skills and abilities

  1. Communication, Reason and Problem solve, Use math and science, Manage oneself, and work with people.

Recommended core classes and electives

  1. Math and English