Sunflower Elementary SMSD


Welcome to Sunflower Elementary JCPRD's Out of School Time (OST)


If your child(ren) will not be attending JCPRD please call, 913.888-0133, by 3p, or email by 2p

Dates to Remember:

Monday, September 7th-CLOSED, NO CARE due to the observance of Labor Day

Tuesday, September 8th-Our 1st All Day Care Day, JCPRD hours 7a-6p. We will be going on a FieldTrip to Skate City around 1:30 and returning by 4:00P.M. Your child(ren) will need to bring a sack lunch that we will eat at school prior to leaving for fieldtrip.

We DO NOT refrigerate or heat lunches. Please keep all technological devices and toys safe at home.

If you missed the Parent Orientation you can visit and read the Parent

Handbook online, please go over the Code of Conduct with your child(ren).

Please keep in mind that we open at 7am and close at 6pm. Late fees apply after 6p, a $1 per minute and will be strictly enforced.

School iPads

JCPRD Technology Policy

JCPRD recognizes that some students are being given school-issued technology that must be transported to and from school. While JCPRD will make a good-faith effort to ensure the safety and security of those items during program hours, a level of personal responsibility on the part of the student is expected.

JCPRD will:

· Offer secure storage for school-issued devices during program hours

Students will:

· Be responsible for turning in device to staff to be secured

· Be responsible for checking in/out the device when it needs to be used for homework purposes during the JCPRD program

· Be responsible for retrieving device before leaving the program

*Devices that are not retrieved at the end of the day will remain in locked storage until the following day during normal business hours. Staff will not be available to retrieve devices outside of normal program hours.

Extra Extra-curricular Activities

If your child(ren) plans on joining an after school activity or club that is sponsored by SMSD/Rising Star or outside services, such as Scouts, Safety Patrol, and others, please notify us about the specific times and dates they will attend and if they will join JCPRD's OST afterwards. It will be the sponsor's responsibility to escort your child to JCPRD.

JCPRD's 60th Celebration

Come join Johnson County Parks and Recreation in celebrating our 60th year serving Johnson county communities on Sunday, September 20th. Enjoy live entertainment and music (Liverpool and Mr. Stinky Feet are a few of the featured musicians), food & beverages, family activities, animals, hayrides, and much more in Shawnee Mission Park's Theatre In the Park, 11am-5pm. Click on the link for more information, CELEBRATE 60!


Participation in the program is a privilege, not a right. The ability of each participant to consistently practice positive life skills is essential to ongoing enrollment. The following set of non-negotiable standards for participation is designed to allow participants to self-regulate behavior. 1.) Respect the right of others to courtesy and personal space. 2.) Manage anger in appropriate ways. 3.) Respect and respond to adult authority. 4.) Accept differences among the group. 5.) Accept responsibility for own actions. These are reasonable expectations for any child participating in a group program setting. The actions of each individual influence the quality of participation for the entire group. Our goal is to facilitate successful participation for each child through the joint understanding, support, and practice of these positive life skills.

Bring in Your ID

Please have your ID ready to show when picking up your child(ren). We know we will have returning students and parent,s but when we have subs and new staff, they will ask for your ID. This is for your child's protection, thank you for your support on this.


We have a new change when signing in and out your child(ren). Parents will need to continue to add the time you sign in and out your child(ren) BUT you will also need to sign your initials as well. Inform your authorized persons picking up your child(ren) about our change.

Verifying Pick Ups-If we do not get a call, email, or note stating another person besides parents are not picking up, we will call to verify this. Please call the site number at 913.888.0133 if someone else is picking up your child(ren) so that our staff is informed and can attend to the kids.

Please remember to initial and time in and out your child(ren) daily.


Fee Due Dates:

Friday, September 11th

Friday, September 25th

Early Dismissal:

  • None this month

Upcoming Closures:

  • Monday, Sept 7th, LABOR DAY, NO CARE

All Day Care Days:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 8th, Hours: 7a-6p. FIELD TRIP to Skate City 1:30-4:00p.m.. MAKE SURE you sign the permission slip , when signing your child in for the day. Also, please have your child(ren) bring a sack lunch and a water bottle.


  • Check-In: We will check students in at the Café. If we have not heard from you and your child has not checked in we will immediately call you. Please call me before 3:00p.m. to let me know if your child will be absent. 913-888-0133.
  • It is approximately 3:20-3:25 when we can go into gym and wash hands for snack. We need to wait for bus riders to leave.

  • Snack: We are very excited to report that we have taken the Commit to Health Pledge! In doing so you can expect to see our out of school time participants engaging in more physical activity, learning about good nutrition, and eating healthier snacks while in attendance at JCPRD. Commit to Health is an initiative of the National Recreation and Park and Association and The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Our staff has worked hard to develop a new food service menu that features items that are nutrient dense, low in fat, sugar, and sodium, as well as more fresh fruits and vegetables. Please support our efforts to help students develop healthy eating habits by encouraging them to be open to trying new foods and by reinforcing the benefits of nutritious diet. Healthy snacks and meals improve cognitive function, increase energy, and help children grow strong muscles and bones!

  • Homes Begin: After snack we breakout into homes and rotate around every 35 minutes. Teachers are assigned to groups and they stay with them the entire day.
  • Homework/Reading time: The kids have time to read or do their homework. If they are finished or do not have homework they can participate in different activities we provide in that area. It might include books, word search, coloring, drawing, storytelling by a teacher, card games etc. I continually add new items all year long.

  • Activities/Arts/Crafts: We will provide a wide range of activities. Some of them include: Cooking, Art & Crafts, Kid Fit and Science. Kids can choose to participate or engage in another activity of their choice.

  • Outside/Gym Time: We believe it is essential for minds and bodies to have mental health breaks and join in on fitness breaks. Weather permitting we will go outside. JCPRD follows the Shawnee Mission school district’s weather policy. Please remember to have your child(ren) layer up and bring a jacket with their name labeled inside it. We will have structured activities for them to do during this time as well as free play.

  • Check-Out: When you come to pick up your child(ren) please remember to WALK IN and SIGN THEM OUT. There is a late charge of a $1 per minute after 6:00pm

Sunflower OST Staff

Morning Care:

Nathan-Lead Teacher
Eric-Program Director

After School:

Missy Pint- Director

Nathan-Lead Teacher (J.C.C.C.)

Ethan- Lead Teacher(J.C.C.C.)

Phillip- Lead Teacher(J.C.C.C.)

Perry- Lead Teacher (U.M.K.C.)

Jenn Howell- (M

Addie- Assistant Teacher (SMW)

Megan- Assistant Teacher(SMW)

Delaney- Assitant Teacher(SMW)


Alli- Assistant Teacher(Saint Thomas Aquinas)

Matt- Assistant Teacher