Mystery At Dusk


Murder In Greenwich Village

Today a salesman by the name of Lars Thorwald was arrested in Greenwich Village for murdering his wife and attempting to murder a witness who claims he saw the evidence through his apartment window.It all began when L.B Jefferies, a photographer who observed his surroundings, heard a woman scream and say "Don't" as glass shattered. He then noticed Mr. Thorwald going out multiple times at odd hours of the night with his sample case.The morning after he claims that the salesman looked worried, he says "it was the kind of look a man gives when he's afraid someone might be watching him". The witness explains that Lars Thorwald was cleaning his sample case and later wrapped two giant knives in newspaper. He says that the man was bringing a rope into his home which was used for wrapping around a trunk.The mysterious disappearance of Lars's wife also augmented Jeff's curiosity.When mentioned to Detective Thomas J. Doyle about Mr. Jefferies suspicions, Mr.Doyle says that he did investigate regarding a suit case that was being sent to Anna Thorwald and that a woman claiming to be her recieved it. Jeff says that there's no way Anna Thorwald would have gone on a trip because she was sick the last time he saw her.Lisa Carol Fremont, Jeff's girlfriend, was also a witness. Mrs.Fremont claims that one of the major evidences was that Mr. Thorwald had his wife's hand bag containing jewelry and most importantly her wedding ring.Lisa says that there is no way a woman would go on a trip and leave her favorite handbag in a drawer filled with jewelry because hand bags are only for "basic equipment". In addition to this, The couple mentioned that Mr.Thorwald was packing after cleaning the walls of his bathroom where the murder most likely took place. Witnesses also say that the killer was seen making long distance calls, the first time he was caught by his wife and the second time was after her disappearance, which leads investigators to wonder if this is what drove Mr. Lars Thorwald to become a dark and cold murderer.


Women around the world

Women have been seen as hard working people who clean and take care of their children while their husband is at work. They enjoy staying at home to care for their families and cook every meal with passion. Most women are wives and mothers who had jobs during the time of world war two which began on September 3 1939. With the ending of the war most took their position as traditional women. Others (12%) held a profession and 6% held management positions in the work industry. Many advertisements encourage this life style. Also after the war the level of women studying in college dropped because most married the man they love.
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