Aneshesiologist Assistant

Breanna Baker

Job Description

Anesthesiology assistants work under the supervision of a anesthesiologist, helping Patients with pain management during medical procedures. The job responsibilities of an anesthesiology assistant include meeting with patients and recording their health history, as well as developing, and monitoring safe and effective pain management strategies.

Education Requirements

Anesthesiology assistants must hold a bachelor's degree with a pre-medical background and complete a specialty program at the graduate level, including both didactic instruction and clinical work. Anesthesiology assistants must begin by earning a bachelor's degree, usually with a pre-med major like biology, chemistry or microbiology. Anesthesiology assistants then must earn a master's degree from an accredited program. The AAAA published that in January 2008, there were ten accredited anesthesiology programs in the country. Program curriculum may require two or more years to complete. Students of anesthesiology assistant programs study physiology, anesthetic science, pharmacology and anatomy.

Here at Pellissippi community college I can only get my basic two year degree in General Education Core, Associate of applied Science certificate. Pellissippi does not offer a transfer pathway.

Hourly & Salary

Anesthesiology assistants hourly depends on where they work.

Offices of Dentists. Hourly Wage: $91.02; Annual Wage: $189,330

  • Offices of Other Health Practitioners. Hourly Wage: $84.97; Annual Wage: $176,740
  • Outpatient Care Centers. Hourly Wage: $78.51; Annual Wage: $163,290
  • General Medical and Surgical Hospitals. Hourly Wage: $78.47; Annual Wage: $163,220
  • Specialty (except Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) Hospitals. Hourly Wage: $78.00; Annual Wage: $162,230
  • The Outlook for 2015 Anesthesiologist

    382 jobs are available in my area currently.

    24 job opening are available

    56 Anesthesiology assistants will retire.

    A Day in the Life of an Anesthesiologist