Much Ado About Nothing

Quinn Fechter

Casting the Characters

Leonardo DiCaprio would be a great actor to play Don Pedro. Both Don Pedro and Leonardo DiCaprio are great leaders and fierce soldiers. Leonardo is a great example of a dynamic character. He knows how to solve all issues and has a plan for every situation.

Heath Ledger would be the perfect match to play Don John. They both share the mindset of evil in there blood. They will do anything to see society crash before them while they are still on top. However, no matter how good they think they are they always seem to get caught.

James Garner is the romantic of romantic to play Claudio;s part in the film. He knows how to stun a women while also showing a strong side to him. He hides his actions with sweet talking and knows how to handle problems that persist.


The big events that occurred in the film are as followed. Beatrice and Benedick were having issues that inflicted the social relationship of each other. They both hated each other and wanted nothing to do with marriage or a relationship of any kind. They were constantly giving each other crap and making every little thing an issue.

Another event that happened is Don John pretends to claim that Hero is a whore and bangs everyone in the neighborhood. This course of action will cause her to be exiled out of the kingdom or dead. A special group will need to fix this issue that was such a dirty plan.

The last major event that occurred is the winning of the war. Don Pedro's army won a war that claimed access to Leonatos kingdom to have great feasts and dances. This event made the main story happen so magical things could occur.


The theme of the film, Much Ado About Anything is about the love. It is so important to have it and hold on to this word. There was so much lies that occurred to stop love and obscure what really mattered. Don John was trying the ruin that felling of love for everyone. He is the reason why people almost died and why a war within there own army occurred is because of the conflict of interfering with love.