Math Casts 2016

Math casts

Solving polynomials!
Celsius Fahrenheit CF
Simplifying Expressions AG HW
add 9
Add subtract integers
Math and Food WK JM
Perimeter at the zoo
Cost per yard
Order of operations
How to find slope
Zombie Riddle
order of operations
Solving 5x+15=45
slope intercept form
Using the Quadratic formula
Basketball integers
Permutations Combinations
fraction to percent
ice cream-Volume of a cone
Skateboard ramp length
Scientific notation
multi step equations
Combining like terms
multiplying fractions
Evaluating expressions
area rectangle triangle
Area of Shapes

Math Casts 2016


To review key math skills and vocabulary

To practice clear, fluent speaking

To organize thoughts and steps in a logical way for an audience of classmates or other students

To practice using tech tools that can transform learning


1-Review examples that are on the web for:

  • Accuracy of information
  • Delivery-interesting?
  • Good fluency?
  • Examples
  • Helps me understand the topic

2-Determine topic:

  1. WHAT IS one KEY math idea/concept that can be demonstrated/explained?
  2. What is the key need for review?
  3. Vocabulary?
  4. Process?
  5. When to use?

3-Write script and plan examples/problems to demonstrate

4-Practice without technology to make sure you have good vocal quality and accurate math calculations and examples.


6-Evaluate your recording for information, fluency, ease of following along with the math concept.