Basketball Newtons Law of Motion

How does Newtons Law appear in basketball?

How does Newtons 1st law appear in basketball?

When a basketball player shoots, it would appear that there is nothing to obstruct the ball. However, several external forces act upon the ball. Were it not for these forces, the ball would continue to travel in its current direction.

How does the 2nd and 3rd law appear in basketball?

In the case of a basketball, as you bounce a ball or taking a shot, you're exerting a force on it which causes it to accelerate. At the same time the ball is exerting an equal but opposite force on you , only that the person handling the ball is more massive so they're acceleration is significantly smaller.

In basketball, we see Newton's third law at work whenever a player shoots or passes the ball. The basketball has mass, which means that the player must use the appropriate amount of force when shooting or passing. Too much or too little force applied in relation to the ball's mass and the ball will not go where intended. If a basketball were to be substituted with a bowling ball, for instance, the players would need to use much more force to move the ball the same distance.

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James Naismith was the inventor of basketball. He invented basketball in 1891 and was the first to coach Canadian and American sports. Some of the rules and regulations are you have to dribble the ball or you will get called for traveling. You also can't reach for the ball, smack when someone try to shoot, and you have a certain amount of shooting time or you will be called with a foul. Micheal Jordan is a real big famous basketball player which he doesn't play anymore but Kobe Bryant and Steven Curry still play and are Famous but not as famous as Michael Jordan. Basketball is a mens summer Olympic sport since 1936 then the summer basketball opened in 1976.