Penelope in the Odyssey

Abagail Lofgren

A Brief Description

Penelope was the loving and loyal wife to Odysseus and mother to thier son Telemachus. When Odysseus went away during the Trojan War, she was distraught. So much so that Athena felt bad for her and came to comfort her in her dreams. This must have worked because soon after, she was seducing men. She was forced to choose a new suitor, but despite all of the advances, she remained loyal to her husband. She has faith that Odysseus will return one day, so she puts off her descision to choose a new husband. She tells them that she will make a descision when she finished a weaving. However, when the men were asleep, she would take out the weaving that she had done that day, so no progress was made. ,"But I have a bitter humiliation of to bear, Your way of wooing a wife was never seen before. Those who would win a woman of rank and wealth, vie with one another in offering herds of cattle and flocks of sheep, and feasting the lady's friends , and heaping gifts one her; they do not devour the wealth of another without compensation.." This quote by Penelope is her talking to the suitors about trying to win her over. She is saying that they must not try and win her over with wealth. This describes her personality because she very mischevious. Even though she remained loyal to Odysseus, she still lead the suitors on a little bit.