Trickery is a common thing when love is involved.


You can pick out countless times in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Dream where there's a lot of trickery. Also in the play it is hard to go a page without some love scene. So that means there is a good bit of trickery related to love. A great example of this was when Robin put the love juice from a special flower on Lysander. Then Helena thought Lysander was tricking her, and Hermia thought the same thing (that Lysander was tricking her too).

Lysander Playlist

2014 World Cup HD Movie - The Time Of Our Lives

Track 1: "Time of Our Lives" -Chawki

I think this song really speaks to the part where Lysander and Hermia run away and are having a great time. It shows how it would have been if Hermia had not told Helena where she and Lysander were going. I think you can tell what the important line was in the song (the time of our lives).

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Track 2: "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" -Taylor Swift

I think this a good video for when Lysander starts to blindly like Helena. He would be saying the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" line to Hermia. This really portrays the humongous change (or trick from our point of view) when Lysander changes who he likes.
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Track 3: "Brand New Day" -Massari

I think this song really shows what it was like after Lysander and Demetrius both started to like Helena. It showed that it was "a brand new day" and a lot of things were different. The very beginning of the song was the part I thought was the best in terms of portraying what Lysander was thinking.
#7. Bastian Schweinsteiger - World Cup 2014 ● Undercover Hero HD

Track 4: "Somewhere I Belong" -Linkin Park (Tyler Clark Remix)

I think this song really portrays when Lysander came back and started to like Hermia again. I think the multiple lines in the song about healing, if you look at them right, can be viewed as when Robin got rid of the love juice (or whatever it's called) effect on Lysander. This restored Lysander's love for Hermia.
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Track 5: "Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage (Invincible)"

I think this track really shows the harmony in everything at the end of the play. I don't think I have to say anything else. Note: The very end of the video is a little weird.