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February Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Student Services 9 & 10 Parent/Guardian Night (Virtual): Wednesday, February 2; 6:30pm

Link was sent in an email to 9th & 10th grade families

BOCES Career & Tech Field Trip for all 10th Grade students: Wednesday, March 9.

College Night for Juniors and Families (Virtual): Wednesday, March 23; 6:30pm. Link will be sent via email.

PreACT: Administered to sophomores; spring date to be announced later

AP Exams: May 2-13

22-23 Course Scheduling

Course scheduling meetings for students with their school counselor will take place during the next few months. Counselors will visit English classrooms to discuss and explain the registration process. All handouts/information will be emailed and also posted on our website. All course requests will be finalized at the end of the school year.

During classroom visits, all students will be asked to schedule an appointment with their counselor that best fits their schedule. Here are some scheduling tips:

  • Discuss options with Mrs. Evener or Mr. Jones and register for the courses that will help you to attain your career and educational goals
  • Discuss course options with your parents/guardians and teachers
  • Check out the course list, guide book, and directions on how to select classes on our website
  • Make sure to keep a balance between academics and extra-curricular activities. Be mindful of your time and try not to overbook yourself. Give yourself some downtime

Use Naviance's -Course Planner to assist with high school course planning and post-high goals:

BOCES Career & Technology & New Visions Information

Many students may be interested in signing up for one of the fantastic career and technology options at BOCES. The classes available at the Career and Tech Center for 11th grade students are: Animal Science, Early Childhood, Exercise and Health Sciences, Cosmetology, Welding, Auto Body, Auto Technology, Nursing and Health Occupations, Digital Media, Computer Tech, Culinary Arts, Criminal Justice, and Heavy Equipment. New Visions (available for seniors only) offers programs in: Life Science, Health & Medical, and Engineering.

BOCES Visit to LHS: Wednesday, March 2. During 10th grade English classes students will listen to guest speakers from the TST BOCES Career and Tech Center. New Visions guest speakers will be presenting in English 11/H classes.

New Visons Open House: Week of March 7 - 11. More info will be announced soon. New Visions application deadline is Friday, March 25.

Career and Tech Center Open House: Thursday, March 17 from 5:30 - 7:00pm in person.

BOCES CTE Field Trip for all 10th Grade students: Wednesday, March 9.

For further information, please contact Mrs. Evener or Mr. Jones in Student Services or visit the TST BOCES website.

Class of 2023 - Juniors

There are many tasks to be considered during your junior year. Although many colleges are test optional this year, we still encourage students to take the ACT and/or the SAT. If you have specific questions about which exams to take, reach out to your counselor. Lansing also provides FREE test preparation through Naviance. Please click on these links for dates and registration deadlines: ACT and SAT

College Night for Juniors and Families - Wednesday, March 23 at 6:30pm

Join the school counselors and college admissions representatives from TC3, Cornell, Ithaca College, and SUNY Cortland for our annual College Night. This event will be virtual and the link will be emailed to students and families.

Class of 2022 - Seniors


  • If you were accepted Early Decision, withdraw your applications from all other colleges
  • Continue with the financial aid process, including comparing aid packages, and understanding what type of money you will receive. Apply for scholarships


  • Choose your college: Visit colleges to help you decide
  • Check housing deadlines, deposit, and refund procedures
  • Let your school counselor know any updates regarding college admissions decisions
  • May 1st is the national deadline to let colleges know where you have decided to attend. Many colleges have extended this due to late acceptances/decisions
  • Fill out the LHS Scholarship Application on Naviance

Post-Secondary Employment & Gap Year Activities

Now is the time to look for post-secondary employment or gap year activities. Your school counselor can assist with places to look and connections for local employment as well as resume building and interview skills. Stop in to make an appointment with your counselor to discuss your goals and any questions you may have.


How to get started:

One easy place to begin is in Naviance. Here you will find a smaller number of scholarships that have been directly mailed to Student Services. Many of these scholarships are local, college specific or NYS based. Log in to Naviance and click on the colleges tab, at the very bottom you will find the link to the scholarships. Also, check out fastweb.com and finaid.org. Make sure to check out the scholarship binder in Student Services!

How do I apply for the local scholarships given at the end of the school year?

Scholarships are selected by local organizations or committee. All seniors are eligible to apply for these scholarships. There will be an application students MUST fill out in order to be considered for this group of scholarships. The application will be available in May. The counselors will make announcements and visit senior English classes to assist with the application process.

College & Career Thursdays!

For the last few years the faculty and staff have participated in College and Career Thursdays by wearing clothing that represents colleges or careers. It would be fun for students to participate as well! So let's see some college or career related clothing on Thursdays this year! Starting in November, we will raffle off some gear, so who knows, you may just win something new! Tag us on Intagram with a picture of you wearing your college and career gear to enter the raffle!

The Learning Web

Are you interested in an doing an apprenticeship or participating in a tour of a local business? LHS partners with The Learning Web to give students an opportunity to explore career interests in a more in-depth way. They do tours on animal rescue (SPCA), coding (Singlebrook), molecular testing (Rhoenix labs), comic book writing and artwork (Ethan Young local author/artist), and Baking & Cake-Making professionally (Serendipity Catering).

If you are interested in participating make sure to check out the website, fill out the intake form below, and return the completed form to your school counselor.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Even though spring is right around the corner, we still have cold temperatures and grey skies and some people may be experiencing the winter blues. If you find yourself feeling more down than usual, lacking energy and motivation you might be battling the winter blues. Here are some well researched ways to help battle them.

❄Brighten your surroundings❄ Give your body a little extra sunshine by opening curtains or blinds and sitting closer to windows

❄Eat Smarter❄ Certain food can help to enhance your mood and relieve anxiety (including chocolate!) Limit your intake of carbohydrates and candy that give you a temporary boost but ultimately increase feelings of anxiety and depression.

❄Move!❄ Exercise gives you a boost of endorphins that is sure to boost your mood

❄Turn on Tunes❄ Research has shown that listening to upbeat music significantly improves mood

❄Help Others❄ Volunteering your time can improve your mental health and life satisfaction

❄LOL❄ Experts believe that laughter stimulates processes in your brain that counteract depressive symptoms

❄Get Outside❄ Spending time outside (even when it’s chilly!) can improve focus and reduce stress levels

Think it’s more than just the blues? Don’t hesitate to see a mental health professional! The student services office is happy to talk with students and their families to help determine if there is more going on and can share helpful community resources.

Student Athletes - NCAA Eligibility Center

If you plan on attending a college that has Division I, II or III sports, you will need to be familiar with the guidelines of the NCAA. It is not too early to plan for collegiate sports and ensure you are on track. For more info: NCAA Eligibility Center

Need some extra support?

The school year is 1/2 way done! Please know that if students need support, they can meet with teachers, Excel Academics (peer tutors), school counselors, or our school psychologist. All faculty are available from 2:30pm – 3:00 pm unless they have another meeting. This is an excellent time for students to ask questions regarding homework, tests/quizzes and to establish a positive working relationship with a teacher. Your counselor can assist with test-taking strategies, studying tips, how to effectively communicate with teachers, or support your social/emotional/behavioral well-being. Contact your teachers directly regarding their specific availability.

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