Sigmund Freud

By: Brooke Granzow and Bella Trane

Famous for founding psychoanalysis!

Psychoanalytical psychology: is the study of the brain driven by unresolved issues in our conscious. Freud believed people could be cured by making conscious and unconscious thoughts gaining insight. (making the unconscious thinking conscious)

Research helped people understand why they think & act like they do by:

Freud approached patients unconscious by allowing them to talk about their childhood, dreams, and memories well laying on a couch completely relaxed. This helped people understand their current relationships and mind better. They then could apply their unconscious to current life.

How did research effect psychology?

Research affected psychology by creating new techniques to develop insight into patients behavior and and meanings of symptoms they carry. Some techniques include ink blots, interpretation, such as dream analysis, resistance analysis and transference analysis.

How time affected research:

Freud shaped the brain and mind in the early 20th century. His theory fit into a jigsaw puzzle of disciplines studies about the brain. His research is stilled used today but has been modernized over the years through hypnosis.