Assignment 4

Four Questions

Question 1 and 2

Teachers need to know the proficiency levels of their students in order to accurately teach proper editing techniques. For example Peregoy and Boyle (2013) state that for beginner level writers, teachers should focus on correcting relatively simple things such as capitalization, spelling and punctuation. For intermediate level writers, teachers should focus on more difficult grammatical aspects such as subject/verb agreement. A balanced approach such as scaffolding, modeling, and direct instruction are all effective ways to help students manage their errors.

I need to brush up on some of the finer points of grammar to help make my writing and my students writing more fluent. For example, Poynter and McDermott sent out an annotation guideline that included "parallelism" as one of the points on the checklist, but I had completely forgotten what that meant and had to look it up.

Questions 3 and 4

Miss Brown

Miss Brown emphasized the importance of making writing relevant to real life. I try to do this in my class by instilling the sense to my students that they are learning to write lab reports in a similar fashion that scientists do. I try to convince them that they are behaving just like scientists. I could add to this by having students write letters to companies that make products similar to the topics that we study such as an energy company or even candy companies. I am also excited about the garden as it will provide ample opportunity to make scientific writing more relevant.