By Cate Cushing


Vietnam is a coutnry located in southeast Asia. In this smore, you will learn all about Vientam. You will learn its physical pheatures, the government, the different social and ethnic groups, the religion, language, flag, and its traditional holidays and food. Vietnam is a very adveturous country and I hope you will learn a lot in this smore.

Geography and Travel

Three quarters of Vietnam is all mountains. Most of northern Vietnam is mountainous, but southern Vietnam holds the Red River Delta. The Red River Delta is a lowland that contains the country's larges river, the Red River. Vietnam also has the Mui Ne desert which is on south east coast of Vietnam. In the northern mountainous region of Vietnam it is mostly snowy. In the southern parts of Vietnam, it can get up to 40 degrees C. Monsoons also come to Vietnam in the winter, so it can sometimes flood. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi even though the most densly populated city in Vietnam is Chi Ming City. Chi Ming City is the most populated because it is located on the Red River Delta wich is a lowland. There are no natural distractions but monsoons take place in the winter time.

Some methods of traveling from the United States to Vietnam is by plane or boat. The best mode of travel would be a plane because you get there way faster. It would take about 14 hours to travel to Vietnam from the United States, and it would cost just over $1,000.

Government/Foreign Policy

Vietnam is a socialist country. The current leader of Vietnam is Troung Tang Sang, he has been their leader since 2011. In Vietnam the law-making body is the National Assembly of Vietnam. It has a limited government and has just recently ended a war with the United States. Politics, economics, and culture are some human rights in Vietnam. I think that the rights in Vietnam are similar to the rights in the US because they both have political, economical, and cultural rights. Vietnam is a member of the UN but is not a member of the NATO.


Vietnam uses a currency called the Vietnamese Dong. 21,105 Vietnamese Dongs are worth $1. Vietnam imports refined petroleum, medicines, machinery, military supplies, vehicles, and food. Vietnam exports coal, crude, peanuts, rice, rubber, and tea. The GDP per capita is about 1,500 USD. I would consider Vietnam as a poor country compared to the United States because the United States's GDP rate is around 50,000 USD.

Social and Ethnic Groups

Vietnam has many different ethnic groups. The most popular ethnic group is the Kinh. About 86% of the people in Vietnam follow the Kinh. Some other ethnic groups in Vietnam are the Tay and Tai both around 2%. Vietnam's education system is five different levels of learning. Those are preschool, primary school, secondary school, high school, and higher education. Children in Vietnam only get Sundays off every week but stay in school for four hours a day. The literacy rate in Vietnam is around 93%. Most of the kids in Vietnam go to school.

Religion, Language, Country, Flag

The official language of Vietnam is the Vietnamese language. Chinese and English are also spoken in Vietnam. In Vietnam there are a lot of different religions, like Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, and a small portion of Islam. Some people are non religious too. Vietnam's flag was made in 1940. The red on the flag represents revolution and blood since this flag was made during the French rule. The star represents the five main classes in Vietnam. The five main classes are intellectuals, farmers, workers, businessmen, and militants.

Traditional festivals or holidays, traditional food and clothing.

In Vietnam there are 8 main holidays. One is the national day of Vietnam celebrated on September 2. The national day of Vietnam celebrates Vietnam's independence from France in 1945. On National Day, people like to take part in local festivals with red clothing that symbolizes Vietnam. A typical Vietnamese woman might wear an ao dai which is a dress to wear. A typical Vietnamese man might wear an ao the which is a suit.

Vietnam Beef and Rice Noodle soup

2 gallons water

4 in ginger

2 onion

1/2 cup fish sauce

5 cloves

1 cinnamon stick

1/2 teaspoon fennel seed

2 tablespoons salt

4 bay leaves

1Ib rice noodles

1 bunch cilantro

1 bunch basil

2 limes

1Ib steak

Notable people in History

In about 39 AD the Chinese were taking over Vietnam. The Trung sisters who were raised by a military family worked against the Chinese by organizing a big army of women to overtake the Chinese. The sisters took about 65 citadels from the Chinese. The sisters had a big impact on the Chinese but ended up committing suicide because of the Chinese army that had come to defeat the sisters. Even though they didn't win in the end, the Trung sisters are still known today as notable people in history.

The History of Vietnam

Vietnam started as a small civilization in the Red River Valley. In about 221 BC China fell because of the death of their leader. Soon Shih Huang Ti ( the founder of China) built a kingdom in Vietnam. The Chinese started to take over Vietnam. Multiple uprisings from the Vietnamese people sent the Chinese out of Vietnam. Long after that, in the 1980s, the French started to colonize Vietnam. When World War Two came, the Japanese sent the French out of Vietnam to colonize Vietnam. The war the forced the Japanese back to thier country. After the war, France tried to recolonize Vietnamc but couldn't. A couple years later, in 1956 the US and Vietnam started a war. Th war didn't end until 1973 when the US retreated from Vietnam.