Female Condom

By Joey L. & Preston G. TB:2

What is A Female Condom

A Female Condom is a contraceptive device used during sexual intercourse both vaginal and anal to stop the sperm from entering the body and to protect people from STD's.

How Does It Work

Its a pouch or latex item that stretches and forms around the inside of the vagina and anus and prevents the sperm from fertilizing the egg or entering the body. It also reduces the risks of catching an STD

How Well Does It Work

If a female condom is used correctly 95% of the time it will work and wont break. If used incorrectly its effectiveness is lowered to 79% chance of working and not breaking.

What Does It Protect Against

A Female condom protects against many STD's and prevents the sperm from entering the body or fertilizing the egg.

What Are The Side Effects

Most of the time it has no side effects but it may cause irritation in the penis, vagina, vulva, and anus during intercourse. Also reduced feeling during sexual intercourse.

Who Uses It

Many people mainly females who are trying to not have a baby or stop sperm from entering the body and not get STD's.

How Do You Get It

Usually inside drug stores and other convenient stores you can find a female condom as well as male condoms to,
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How Much Does It Costs

A female condom's price stays around $4.00 each in general vs. the male condom that stays around less than one dollar each.

Would I Recommend This Contraceptive

This Contraceptive device is a okay way to not have a baby but the male condom seems easier to use and also cheaper making me not recommend this but it still is a decent contraceptive device but the male counterpart is much easier to use and causes less irritation.