Pre-1900 Ptolemy


Between the sixteenth century to the twentieth century, Ancient Babylonian Tablets[computers] showed distinction of objects such as [stars and asteroids] were not seen in between the moving planets. They sent multiple rovers into space to work out the problem and it unfortunetly failed.

Post-1900-NASA Missions New Horizons

NASA Missions-New Horizons

The New Horizons first rocket was launched on the 17th of January 2006 then in 2007 on the 28th of February, was when they did the flybuy past Jupiter when they first noticed the giant plume. New Horizons is actually a reflection from the volcano that is on one of Jupiter's moons, that is called Tvaster Volcano. It creates a enormous plume on Jupiter's surface that can be seen from Venus. When explorers saw the plume they wanted to know what the giant light was, so they sent many rovers with satellites attached to send readings back to Earth. They also sent astronauts into space to put the plasma spectometer into Jupitor's surface that takes photos of the plume, then it sends all the information back to Earth, to get information such as: That it gets as hot as 175 degrees celcius.

The plume on Jupiter's surface

This is a picture of the plume and to show you all how bright it is.