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From the Principal:

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year at Hamilton Elementary! There is nothing more energizing than the smiles and sounds of children being back in school. A special thank you to our awesome PTA who have helped coordinate volunteers, back to-school events, and for their overall support to start the year off right.

We want school to be the best part of your child’s day and a place where children feel happy and engaged, and where parents feel welcome and involved. I will be in classrooms and around the school, so please feel free to introduce yourself. I look forward to collaborating with this great community as we work together to make sure every student has a great year here at Hamilton Elementary. Go Bobcats!

From Student Council!

This is your Student Council Historian Evyn and Secretary Camille. We have been watching your actions so far this school year and we are very proud. We love to see outstanding leadership skills around the school! We know this is going to be an amazing year! Thank you so so much for being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible!

Balanced Literacy! What is it?

Balanced Literacy incorporates all reading approaches realizing that students need to use numerous devices in order to become proficient readers. It provides and improves the skills of reading, writing, thinking, speaking and listening for all students. A Balanced Literacy program not only balances the reading philosophies, it also balances reading and writing instruction. In a balanced literacy program, students read in order to write and write in order to read.

Hamilton students have been working hard to build stamina for reading and writing! Please ask your first through fifth grade students about their stamina.

Want more information? Click here!

Hamilton Annual Fund!

Hamiltons for Hamilton!
As you might have heard, many special programs at Hamilton Elementary are only made possible by support from our community (i.e., YOU!). Our librarian, computer lab teacher, and art sessions from the Armory are not covered by state funding, and only continue operating because of contributions from our Hamilton families. So how about giving a few ten dollar bills to support our school? The "Hamiltons for Hamilton" campaign will be going on all next week--please consider becoming a family sponsor OR making a donation in any amount!

Look for volunteers out front to answer questions about the Annual Fund(they'll be happy to accept your cash, check, or credit card donations on the spot, too!). You can give a one-time donation or sign up for monthly installments. ANY donation is welcomed and ANY amount will get your child's name up on the Annual Fund "Paw of Fame" board, which proudly displays Hamilton's unity and support for our children's educational experience.

By the way, speaking of support for education that paid off--did you know that locals from his hometown in the British West Indies took up a collection to send founding father Alexander Hamilton to New York to get his education? Who knows what our Hamilton graduates might be doing in the future? Support them today and see what happens as they grow!

PTA News!

Thank you all so much for your support in the Fall Fundraiser! The students were excited and motivated to sell items. Items will be in around the end of October.

Please do not forget to JOIN the PTA! A strong PTA makes Hamilton an amazing school!

PTA is working hard to make money to pay for ALL classes to go on field trips. PTA provides hours of support the Hamilton. Fun events are also sponsored by PTA! PTA makes special assemblies, CARNIVAL, and Cultural Fair possible! No meeting attendance is required... PLEASE JOIN!

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