Fall Fun ITV Collaborations!

Crazy Creatures & Scary Story Collaborations from TWICE!

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Crazy Creature Collaborations

The Crazy Creature ITV project objective is for PreK-3rd grade elementary school students to create a “creature” with unique and “crazy” characteristics. With the assistance of their teacher, students will write a description of their “crazy creature” for a partner-class to replicate the creature. A few short details:

  • Classes from two locations across the county, state, or country meet via video conference ITV the week of October 29-November 5, 2014
  • During the event, each school determines the accuracy of how their partner school re-created the "crazy creature".
  • Using descriptive writing, mathematical terms and following directions sent to each other prior the ITV event, students will be able to practice academic benchmarks in a fun and creative way using live two-way interactive television.
Click here for Crazy Creature Teacher Info Packet

Teacher Info packet all about participating in the Crazy Creature Collaborations ITV Program sponsored by TWICE in cooperation with GenNET.

Scary Story Symposium: What happens next?

The Scary Story Symposium project objective is for 4th-8th grade students to exchange the first two paragraphs of a “scary” story with another class across the county, the state of Michigan, or even across the country. After each class has received the first part of the story, their task will be to complete the story with “what happens next.” Preview details:

  • Students will meet via ITV video conference the week of October 29-November 5, 2014, to meet and share “what happened next” to the story originally written by their partner class.
  • The project will enable students to improve their writing using descriptive narrative, characterizations; dialogue as well as collaboration skills both in their own classroom and in the live two-way interactive virtual environment via ITV
  • Students will have the opportunity to present “what happens next” in a most creative way to “scare” their partner class under the direction of their instructor.
  • For more specific details, click on the Scary Story Symposium Teacher Information Packet below.

Click here for the Scary Story Symposium Teacher Packet

Teacher Info packet all about participating in the Scary Story Symposium ITV Program sponsored by TWICE in cooperation with GenNET.

Click here to register!

Following registration, information will be sent from TWICE to all teachers with information about "who has been partnered with who" as well as school and teacher contact information!

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Technology and Media Services (TMS)

For additional information or assistance with planning for this program, contact staff at the TMS department at the Genesee ISD by telephone or via email.