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December 14, 2021

Dear Westwood Families,

As we close out the semester, our faculty, staff and administration wish all of our families a safe and happy holiday.

Before all is finalized your students are participating in exams this week, which began today, for which they are well prepared by their teachers and the high quality instructional environments in which they have created.

Do not forget to send your student with a fully charged chromebook each day this week as well as a charger since the semester exams are online and may not be printed.

Please mark your calendars for the change to the school hours Thursday December 16th and Friday December 17th to 8:15am-12pm. Lunch will be provided to go for those students needing it.

We are very proud of the work that has been accomplished here during the first semester at Westwood in the classrooms, at performances, on the field, on the court and in the community. We continue to be very honored to serve this community and the students with whom we have built strong relationships to ensure a sense of belonging, acceptance and responsibility for maintaining our collective safety and high quality learning environments.

As we look ahead to the spring semester, we have both a full and exciting calendar. We are working collaboratively with PTA to have a community pep rally to announce the new mascot and a spring dance. Concerts and athletics will continue to be up in full swing and we will close out the semester with STAAR, EOC and AP testing.

We encourage your feedback as we work to collaborate and engage with parents to meet our goal of communication that is proactive, timely and relevant. You can access our newsletters in your email inbox, Westwood Twitter & Facebook pages, school website and PTA platforms. If there is additional information you would like to receive in our newsletters, please let us know.

We hope that you enjoy a restorative and joyful holiday with those you love.


Katie Mottram


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QSA Testing

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Final Exam Schedule

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Teacher Shout Outs

Click below to nominate a teacher for the Howl Out Award!

This award will be given monthly to teachers for showing WOLF characteristics. These include being welcoming, offering opportunities, demonstrating leadership and being future focused. Your recognition and celebration of our teachers and staff is an amazing gift and if you would like to shout out a teacher or staff member who has shown WOLF characteristics towards your student please complete the form below.

Mascot Tryouts

We have two students who will be going through the Mascot tryouts and we are excited to announce the student in the next Wire.

Yearbook Sales

Click below to purchase your yearbook early!

ID Badges Reminder

ID Requirements:

  • ALL students have now been given a WWJH ID with blue lanyard (permanent ID or blue laminated temporary ID)
  • IDs are required to enter the building each day and to attend all RISD extracurricular activities (includes RHS games)
  • Must be worn around neck, with a lanyard
  • Replacement lanyards can be purchased in the front office for 25c
  • Students without IDs will be directed to the commons upon arrival to receive temporary ID
  • 50c for orange temporary with NAME and DATE
  • If student does not have 50c, they will receive one lunch detention to be served on Fridays/Mondays
  • Student that has purchased 3 or more temporary IDs = lunch detention
  • $5 replacement IDs are sold in the library
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A message from the Counselors

The counselors met with all 8th grade students to work on their Personalized Graduation Plans (PGPs). We focused on 9th grade courses during our first meeting. All students received a paper copy of their PGPs after meeting with the counselors. Your student can view their course selections electronically (and changes can be made) in Naviance. Your student can log into Naviance on their chrome book through Class Link. Over the next several months, students and parents will get multiple chances to verify/change 9th grade course requests. All PGP related information can be found on our PGP website. The counselors will meet with 8th graders in the spring in small groups to complete their PGPs.

The window for students to drop from an Advanced class to On-Level class is now open. The Drop Form is due back to the counseling office by 3:45pm on Wednesday, Dec 15th. This is the last opportunity for students to drop to an on-level class for the rest of the year. There are no elective class changes at semester. Students will get opportunities to choose classes for next year this spring.

Is your student worried about semester exams or seem stressed out? Check out the Counselor’s Virtual Calming Room for some great resources and activities.

RHS Magnet Program

  • January 14 – Magnet Connection Field Trip
  • January 14 – Applications open online to students to apply for the magnet program.
  • January 19 – RHS will hold an open house for parents and students interested in any of the magnet programs.
  • January 31 – RHS Magnet applications are due.
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Game Tickets

Tickets to any sporting event are available for purchase on the RISD athletic homepage linked below.
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  • This month celebrated Melvil Dewey’s, the creator of the Dewey Decimal System, birthday on December 9th with a Dewey Research Challenge.

  • The library hosted the 8th grade RLA classes as they worked with their counselors to set up their PGPs for high school.

  • Our December Book Club meeting was held Friday, December 10th. All 3 lunches had a great discussion about their books! Next Book Club meeting will be held during January. Books are already available for January Book Club!

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RISD Secondary Grade Reporting Calendar

RISD COVID-19 Pandemic Site

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