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February 24, 2019

"The World Is Changed By Your Example Not By Your Opinion" - Paul Coelho

I purposely did not look at social media this week. After the events that took place at the Girls Semi-State Game, I simply did not want to read everyone’s opinion of what happened, what they perceived to be right and wrong, and their opinion of the school’s responsibility in the matter. I have opinions, loads of them. I even have an opinion on this very matter. But I didn’t engage.

As an educator who lives in the community I work in, rarely do I go out in public or attend a school function where a school “issue” is not presented to me for input or opinion. Sometimes it’s presented under the guise of seeking my thoughts, when in reality is it just an opportunity for the other person to share theirs. I often feel pressure to draw my line in the sand and stand firmly on one side, even if it’s a topic I am not passionate about. It can be exhausting.

It can be tempting to engage in lively discussions and debates, especially online. This is due, in part, to the pressure I feel to defend our school and share the truth, even when I know full well that an audience or platform is what people are seeking, not necessarily the truth.

I have respect for people who like to share smart, well-formed opinions on important topics. I also have a ton of respect for people who know when to bow out of a debate that has nothing to do with them. It takes poise, restraint and personal accountability to pick your battles.

Before you give ear to someone seeking it or engage in a conversation ask yourself, are you chiming in because something is important to you and your voice will move the conversation forward or are you engaging without a positive purpose? Do you have valuable information that needs to be shared? Are you reacting because someone made you mad? Are you taking a stand against someone in support of another? Does your opinion, and the sharing of it, make a negative positive or just add to the negativity?

I constantly remind myself of the importance of letting my own thoughts occur without immediately attaching judgment and consequence. I wonder if applying the same practice to other people’s thoughts works just as well. Can I acknowledge discussions and debates around me without always layering on my own opinion? Hear it, see it, acknowledge and let it go. It’s possible to be informed and intelligent without chomping down on the bait dropped by others.

Not everything has to be something. Sometimes ending a conversation that’s been beaten to death before it even begins… again is the right response. It’s okay to care without feeling the need to share. It is possible to be surrounded by clouds without commenting on the weather.

In Support of West Noble Schools

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You Are Appreciated

Shout out to JoJo's Pretzels in Shipshewana for providing pretzels to educators this week!

Thank you to Mr. Moe for making a "speedy" trip there and back so we could make special deliveries this afternoon.

We appreciate all that you do and hope Pretzel Friday started your weekend off good!

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FFA Week

Thank you Mrs. Earnhart and the FFA for a fun week of activities and a wonderful Fish & Tenderloin Fry! We are better because we have all of you!

Volunteers Needed

Saturday, March 3rd Central Noble Jr/Sr High School will be hosting the Destination Imagination Regional Competition. 71 teams representing 20+schools will descend on our small town for this full day of STEAM learning and demonstration. Last year was the first year that CN hosted and it was a huge success thanks in part to all of the volunteers that helped it to run efficiently and smoothly. We are hoping many of you will be able to help again this year. We need a handful of volunteers on Friday from 3:30-5:00 p.m. to help with set up and on Saturday from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. we need even more. If you would like to help for just a few hours please let me know and indicate when you are available.

For Your Calendars:

2/22 - FFA Fish Fry

2/25 - 3/1 - West Noble Support Week

3/2 - DI Regionals

3/12 - ISTEP Begins