Abadiania Portal

John of God for Miracles and Etheric Initiation

Abadiania Web portal organized groups and individual tours departing from different cities of Brazil toward Abadiania. Whether you are looking for peace or an unusual adventure, a pristine sandy beach to relax on or the ultimate spot to snorkel or scuba dive, you will find it somewhere in the Abadiania. The holy town of Abadiania in Brazil is known worldwide as the home of Casa Don Ignacio and Juan de Dios. A place where miracles happen, this area was chosen for this sacred why work is set on Crystal Bed and is connected to many nodes of power and law of the land lines.

With our careful planning of your trip to Abadiania you will be touched, awakened and activated by this powerful channel and his team of doctors heavenly. With us you could get a spiritual surgery of John of God. You can also choose the spiritual surgeries you feel you need. There is a need to take special care after an intervention of this kind so that everything is integrated and healed.

Abadiania Web portal invites you to open yourself in an exquisitely tuned care field, in which all remaining towards the integration of the Divine Will and Purpose obstacles can be overcome easily. During the pilgrimage, we do much emphasis on “slow down”, discarding our usual pace, and allowing lead us to listen deeply unexplored spaces. We enter our warm hearts and rise / wake up to the early atmosphere of love. Log on to Abadianiaportal.com.