Entertainment in Abu Dhabi

Plan a memorable week to Spend in Abu Dhabi

Tktherfa UAE plenty of attractions and entertainment ubiquitous in various Amartha including the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is the economic hub and an important tourism to the UAE since it capital of the UAE is something normal that you will find a lot of different activities to suit all ages and among those recreational activities Yas Island which has become a place of attraction for all tourists, and come at it from different countries from different spots, what do you think that we recognize them in this thread Vtabau more and you Astra.

Yas Island in Abu Dhabi

Considered Yas Island attractions and recreation in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where includes 3 cities large recreational space and multiple games to suit all ages, including Yas Water World where you will find a lot of water sports diverse and most exciting slide aqueous cyclonic which adds a lovely ambiance of adventure and fun to ski on them, It also includes the world of Ferrari Anyone who loves to ride cars as fast as the big Felictemta this world, and there is, of course, cars suitable for children and adults, as well as a lot of other recreational amenities Approximately 20 to play in the world of Ferrari Stgdunha and not the piece and by but you will find two playgrounds dedicated to golf and known (Academy racetrack Yas Links Golf) and also where a lot about Ferrari World Abu Dhabi characteristic of Yas Island and it includes many of the shopping malls in which you can, and more than 20 hotels untouched island, including the Crowne Plaza Hotel, which offers you a magnificent view over the golf course and that you love cruises around the island and get to know the shores of Abu Dhabi may be the piece also you may wish to relax right next to the beach Yas and eat many of the food and beverages you prefer Fmarajkm by now I think you Tdodon Go to it and I'll go with you and also close to the island of Abu Dhabi airport with 10 Dqaig Balseaah and away from Dubai about an hour's drive and Kids Park Place Entertainment in Abu Dhabi kids parkkids.

Garden Kids Park in Abu Dhabi

Also from the entertainment venues in Abu Dhabi garden Kids Park, a zoo, with many pets and non-pets and more than 100 species of animals, the spectrum Children can identify wildlife up close there is a place dedicated to playing with dust them that Oahbu piece also possible breaks for the families as well and Garden found in the area of Bahia and is about 53 kilometers from Abu Dhabi and this link Saarafkm the Kids Park Zoo.

Sheikh Khalifa Park in Abu Dhabi

It is the biggest and largest gardens Abu Dhabi is Sheikh Khalifa Park is one of the places beautiful tourist in Abu Dhabi and suitable also for families wherein a lot of waterfalls and water jets can pass along them through the small train Enqlkm them and not to mention the existence of games Merfha ​​for your children a garden Morgan and like any other From the gardens you will find other facilities affiliated and many visitors come her special in the days of vacations, and there are a lot of gardens and parks or Dhabi a park supervisor for the kids which is also where a lot of games for children and seating areas dedicated to the breaks and the park is located in the area supervisor close to the National Theatre on the Airport Road, and also garden Al Nahyan, also the simple games suitable for your children is located on the road to Sheikh Zayed Road, the first and I think Brii nicest entertaining place for families in Abu Dhabi is Abu Dhabi Corniche Vikvakm beauty view the beach with the sunset and not the piece according to the you love the practice of some hobbies along the beach is like riding you have your bike that you will find every piece and a lot of games, cafes and restaurants align it All those places you mentioned are considered the most fun and Tours in Abu Dhabi emirate are very lively area and beautiful all Mavera. Get a car in Abu Dhabi and explore every place in Abu Dhabi to spend memorable holidays.