Lunch & Learn

"Play is the highest form of research." -Einstein

Next Week's Lunch & Learn Topic is...Video Creation for Classroom Use (this included Flipped Learning)

Teachers are invited to come and learn how to either create or use video for student instruction and/or student engagement. Teachers will learn about the following:

* Tips for creating effective videos for student instruction

* Best process for creating flipped videos

* How to integrate assessment into videos

* Leveraging student creativity for video instruction

* Discuss when flipped learning is best suited for instructional use

* The best tools for video creation/editing/assessment

Bring your lunch, learn and PLAY!

Lunch & Learn

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 11am-1pm

Room 123 at Resurrection College Prep

Earn 1 PACE credit by attending this Lunch & Learn session. We will host a Lunch & Learn during both seminar A and B so that everyone has an opportunity to attend. Each session will be about 30-35 minutes. Please feel free to bring your lunch to room 123 so that you can fill up while you play! If you plan on attending please fill out the form below so that I can track how many faculty members plan on attending.

Form link:

The Flipped Class: Is Flipping for Everyone?
The Flipped Class: Overcoming Common Hurdles