Uncle Tom's Cabin

The New Experience Nick Iaccarino & Udi Lal

Integration of African Americans

The integration of African Americans into American society changes the entire socio cultural dynamic of the United States. Families with slaves have taken on a new light regarding their slaves and have now begun to regard them as "part of the family."

Other Important Ideas

"Shows how children are able to see past race and base solely on the character of a person, while the American adults are the ones who corrupt the children into thinking that African Americans are property." - Nicholas Iaccarino

"There is the appearance of a lot of labor that is necessitated by the kind of work people are doing. It also seems to express a certain idea that children are vulnerable to changes in their points of view. There is the appearance that they are a lot more comfortable with their African American counterparts as compared to the adults, who seem to have adopted a more anti-integration type of stance." -Udi Lal

Surprising topics of the Images

"Most of these images depict children in the scenes, which is odd because children are more prone to judge beyond reason, while the typical adult would have more sympathy and logic while judging others." - Nicholas Iaccarino

"I think the most surprising factor in these images is that the children are so comfortable with a kind of people who have been discriminated for years. Despite the fact that African Americans had been oppressed and neglected for decades, these children are still comfortable with them. There seemed to be a certain intimacy between Uncle Tom and the little girl in the Tobacco advertisement." -Udi Lal