Henry fords : The Model-T

By Bryce Roberson

Henry ford

He wanted to build an inexpensive car that would last a life time. While he was working as an engineer in Detroit, Michigan, in the 1890s ford had experimented with an automobile engine powered by gasoline. In 1903 he established an automaking company and began designing cars.

The Model-T

  1. Introduced on Oct 1, 1908
  2. Top speed: 45 miles per hour
  3. Gas mileage: 13 – 21 miles per gallon
  4. Over 15,000,000 Model T’s were sold
  5. Model T production formally ended May 26, 1927
  6. Original Price Tag: $850
  7. Subsequent versions sold for as little as $260
  8. Nine different body styles were used on the same chassis
  9. In 1914 Ford produced 300,000 cars with 13,000 employees, his competitors produced 280,000 vehicles with 66,350 employees.