World War II

Come fight with your country

Here, i'll give you an introduction

The world is at war. I will help you now all historian facts about this war. Me and my team will guide you through a Tour, I know it sounds treacherous but we are professionals.

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Adolf Hitler

Hitler the start of the World War, telling the world that the jews were evil. His life was pure evil and destruction. After conquering almost all the world, he's empire started to fall. Day by day and then boom his empire gone. He hid in a bunker and when it started exploding he killed himself in April 30, 1945. He knew he was going to get killed so he put a gun in his mouth and shot.

Come Learn about what happened

Come see Hitler in person and what he did. Though you might barely breath because of the bombs, you can actually participayte on the War, unless you kill Hitler or something like that. No one wants a horrible future. Also watch what happened at Pearl Harbor, D-Day, The Nagasaki Incident, and more!

Deep Stories

Come learn about deep stories about people who participated on the world war. People who suffered and veterans who survived and might be telling the story right now. Also People like Anne Frank.

Mansur Abdulin

He was a soviet soldier, he started as a gold miner before the war. When the Nazis attacked the Soviet Union, he fought for his country (volunteer). He fought in the battle of Stalingrad, the battle of Kursk, and Dnieper River Wars. He wrote a book called "Red Road from StalinGrad. He is still alive.

Meet Mansur!

You'll get to see him in a hospital back in those days with about 15 bullets stuck to his body. You can ask him anything you want about the war. Also. hospitals in wars aren't big 3 story buildings. In wars they are little tents with beds and medics carrying guns.

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Anne Frank

Anne Frank, one of the famous jew people in the holocaust. She moved in to Germany when the Nazis took over Germany (what a bad luck). She died at a concentration camp at Germany. She was a 15 year old girl though she was very brave.


Even though me and my team are professionals, we can't fix the kills of important people. Example we can't go to Anne Frank's concentration camp and just dolphin dive her out of there. Or we can't shoot down the plane to stop the nagasaki incident.

The Wolverine - 'Atomic Bomb Clip'

The Nagasaki Incident

Now that I think of it, it si a bad idea to go to this place. Seriously we can have nowhere to hide. This bomb was set of a B-29, a horrible wipeout machine. Who would want to be here with such danger and even after we would go out we would die because of the radiation. These bombs were made for destruction and thats what they did to this city. I really think it's a bad idea such as ABOVE the video describes how horrible this was. More information at:

Tsutomu Yamaguchi

Although he died in 2010, he survived the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. He went to work at August 6, 1945 at 8:15 a.m. when hiroshima was bombed. Then returned to Nagasaki despite his wounds. Guess what, Nagasaki got bombed that same day. This is some serious bad luck, it must have been a tough days for him.

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