By: Paden Anderson


People have always had to persevere through tough times and adversities. Everyone has to deal with adversities everyday. Some people struggle with hunger, others with illness, and most of us deal with the pressures and stress of work and school. Perseverance is the ability to keep on going, even when things get rough. No matter what the adversity, how you choose to handle it - truly defines who you are.

Jackie Robinson Article Flow Chart

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The Noble Experiment Cause and Effect

In the 1940s segregation was a reality that impacted many areas of life - especially sports. Talent didn’t matter if your skin wasn’t white. Thankfully a man named Branch Rickey had the conviction to push for change. In that fight for equality he found Jackie Robinson. Jackie had the resolve and dignity to handle the pressures and injustice and made a difference to change baseball.

Winston Churchill's Adversies and How he Overcame them

Winston Churchill was exiled from his political party for almost 11 years. During this time, he changed parties, kept moving on, making speeches, and gaining support. He was elected to prime minister of Great Britain and became a war hero. He also won a Nobel prize and is known for some of the most eloquent speeches to this day.
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Venn Diagram - Eleanor Roosevelt and Rose Nolan (Ashes of Roses)


For generatons, great men and woman have paved the way for us by overcoming adversity to make the world a better place. However, new challenges, obsticles, and bullies will always be in our way. We've got to persevere and overcome adversities to keep making our world better.