Ensuring Safe & Sufficient Water Resources

Adam Bowers, Noah Shertzer, and Caitlin Tulaney

Unsafe Water Facts

  • 1 in 9 people do not have access to clean water sources
  • Every minute a child dies of a water related disease
  • 3.4 million die from water related diseases every year (Same number of people as the population of L.A.)
  • Women/children spend 200 million hours collectively per day retrieving water.

United Nations Holds 1st World Water Day in 2007

The world copes with the harshness of water scarcity and this day signified the increasing loss of useable water world wide.

Tensions Increase as Water Levels Drop

The Middle East particularly has high levels of stress due to water
Water Scarcity

Cause of Problems

  1. Global Warming depleting water sources
  2. Long lasting droughts in India and Africa
  3. Over populated areas over use the resource
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1. Diseases from dirty and contaminated water
2. Lack of water
3. Families travel long distances to get water
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