By Michael Bucello


The founder of Judaism is Moses, but before him Abraham was the first founder. There are 14 million Jewish followers. In Israel there 6 million , and in America there are 5.5 million Jewish people. They believe in 1 God, Yehweh, and they share a relationship with him. They practices include keeping the sabbath holy and eating kosher foods. Their holy book, Torah gives them the Ten Commandments. When they die they go to heaven

How it affects their daily life

Judiasm affects their life because they have many rules to follow and they have limited food chose when they eat.


Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world. It has no specific founder. The Orgins of Hinduism is India and Southern Asia it spread to the rest of the world. It is a polytheistic religion with many gods. They have a class system cald the caste system. Their final resting place is moksha.

How it affects their life

They are limited to jobs due to the caste system. And they have to be cautious of what they do because they must be aware of karma


Confucius is the founder. They believe felial piety. Founded in Asia and spread all over the world. It's mostly teachings

How it affects their daily life

They have to respect everyone and use good language anywhere and everywhere.


Founder siddartha Gautama. Started in India and spreader throughout the world . Buddism practices involve praying, chanting and meditation. They believe in the four noble truths. Their final resting place is nirvana

How it affects their life

They must not be selfish and want worldly things they must follow the middle path



The founder of Christianity is Jesus Christ. He was the son of God sent down from heaven to save us from our sin. He was 33 when he died, he was crucified because Rome convicted him. During his life, he preached his beliefs towards the people of Israel.

Holy book

The holy book for Christianity is the bible. It is written by people including David, Daniel, Peter, Paul, Jonah, Isaiah, Solomon,etc. the bible includes stories, parables, and prayers.

It is the main guidance for the Christian faith.


The Orgins of Christianity begin in Judea, or now Israel. It started with Jesus and his 12 disciples. They spread the word across Israel and that's where it started

After life

The after life for Christians is heaven. Heaven is a place for people that chose to live by, and commit to the bible and follow the Ten Commandments. Heaven is forever

Practice/ Beliefs

Their practices include reading the bible, going to church, holidays like Christmas, Easter. They believe that Jesus came to save them from their sin. And he died on the cross for the people's sin and came back from the dead three days later

How it affects their life

It affects who they marry. Political views are different from others, and it affects how they act because they must follow the Ten Commandments.


Their laws are the Ten Commandments. It is given by God to Moses
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ISLAM Orgins/founder

Islam is founded my Mohammed. It is believed that Mohammed heard Allah's voice to make a new religion. He was kicked out of his land Mecca ,for his belief and went to a new land. After thousands of followers in that land he went back to his original land Mecca and took it over with a the religion a Islam
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Holy book

The Qur'an is the holy book for Muslims. It is believed to be the sacred word of god. The book is used by Muslims as a life guide and is filled with rules.

Main beliefs

Muslims have the basic belief system like Christians. They must follow the rules of the five pillars, they go to mosk which is where they pray and worship allah. They must pray five times a day . They must do all this to get into their heaven.


Islam moved from where Mohammed went after he left Mecca , and then back to Mecca to the rest of the world

Code of conduct

The code of conduct is the five pillars.


Testifying to God's One-ness:

Giving charity.



    Final resting place

    The final resting place is heaven. It is called jannah. If the Muslims follow the five pillars they will go to jannah.

    Muslim life

    The Islam faith affects their lives greatly. They can't eat beef, must pray five times a day, can only marry in the faith. It must be very different from America and Muslims.