The United Kingdom

by: Ben Hamon

Type of Government

The United Kingdom has a constitutional monarchy. A constitutional monarchy is a monarchy that is limited by a constitution.


The currency that they use in the United Kingdom is called the Pound. It has an exchange rate with the US dollar at about $0.62 Pounds per US Dollar.

The Spoken Language

The British speak English, same as the U.S. Some words you might hear the British say are: "Loo" (Bathroom), "Biscuits" (Cookies), and "Pub" (Bar). Some of the phrases you might hear are: " I have to use the Loo" (I have to use the bathroom), "I like Biscuits and Tea" (I like cookies with my tea", and "I am going to the Pub" (I am going to the bar).

Interesting Facts and Places

The British serve delectable Fish and Chips. The UK has a great soccer team, it is one of their favorite things. London is full of sites to visit, ex: The Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and the Parliament. Some museums to check out are: The British Museum, The National Gallery, and Tate Modern. The British celebrate no national holidays.


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