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And we're off!

We want to say "thank you" to everyone for helping students remember their library books. There have only been a few who have forgotten and that has a lot to do with all of your help with reminders!

Thanks to our fabulous volunteers, we are now able to open the library all day for checkout! Starting Monday, students may come to the library to exchange their books any time during the day. Please stress the importance of coming in quietly, checking out books, and returning to class in a timely manner. We may not realize how long a student has been in the library, especially with so many other things going on so your reminder will be helpful as well.

Checking Out for Staff

If you ever come to the library to check out materials and we are not there, please do the following:

-Go ahead and check out your materials as usual (the circulation computer is usually always on - you just may have to wake it up)

-If the computer is shut down or there is a problem, just write your name and the bar code from each item and leave it on the desk

-No need to write down any other info...if we need to, we can call you for details

We are happy to walk you through the check out process if you are new or need a refresher!

Promoting Parkside Library and Students

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If your class has a social media page, please share with us. We would love to include posts and pictures so parents can see what is happening with their children in the library.