Fatima and David's Wedding

By: Reese Popkin


The wedding will be held in Jerusalem, Israel. This is because both of the two families view this city as a holy ground. Because the religion of the two families often causes conflict over this city, holding the wedding here could help settle differences and make the wedding less tense. The Jewish would like to be in the city because they believe it will be the sight of their future prophet. The Muslims would also like to be in the city, where Mohammed traveled to. The ceremony will be done by a Rabbi because the wedding is in Israel, and the Rabbi will be more at peace with his setting and surroundings.



-Dress as you please, formal is required, however you must dress as your religion calls for.

-Feel free to carry out traditional customs, so long as it does not antagonize the other religion.


-Speak of religious or political standings. This is to reduce conflict between the two families. This can cause a problem because both of the two religions find Jerusalem to be a holy land, and both believe it to be solely theirs. Judaism was around first, and was given the holy land after world war 2. The Jewish were also around long before the Islamic, so the Jewish believe that this entitles them to the possession of Judaism. However, the Islamic also believe Jerusalem to be their holy land. After world war 2, the Islamic were stripped of Jerusalem and the surrounding area and forced to move to a new region called Palestine. This outraged the Islamic, as they believe that they are the true and rightful inhabitants of Jerusalem. This has caused conflict for many years on end.

Keep It Quiet

We would not like anyone who is not invited to know about the wedding. This is to keep unwanted attention away from the celebration. Because of the uniqueness of the wedding, it is possible that there are protests and possible violence simply because of the religion of these people. To keep violence and disturbances at bay, not talking about the wedding would be a great help.

We Are Aware

The issue of a Jew and a Muslim marrying is very controversial. The religious differences often drive the two peoples apart. Conflict over the rightful inhabitants of Jerusalem have caused much conflict between Judaism and the Islamic. There will be light security, however the security will be able to respond to any threat. This is to protect the members of each family. If reporters from the U.S. are to show up, please ignore them. We will deal with them as necessary. The Americans will only look for violence and wrongdoings to report on, so if we all get along there will be no reason for them to be there. If you do attack or insult an American, you will be promptly removed from the wedding. This will only promote the Americans idea that there is only conflict and terrorism in the Middle East.

Help Us!!

This wedding can be used as a good thing. We can use it as a sign that here in the Middle East, we want peace, not conflict. The acts of terrorism performed by others of our religion do not represent us. Our marriage can also be used as a sign to the rest of our people. We can share the holy land and we can also get along fine. The cooperation of Muslims and Jews is essential to the future of the Middle East. We can get past the Americans and the annoyances of their obsession with the conflict here.

Border Conflict

The border conflict between the Islamic and the Jewish is very serious. Many Muslims are angry that Jerusalem, their holy land, was stripped from them. They believe it to be rightfully theirs and will use violence to get it back. The Jewish also believe that Jerusalem belongs to them and is their holy land. The Jewish are willing to use violence to defend what their holy land. This conflict of attacking each other back and forth is similar to a tennis match. During a tennis match, each opponent hits the ball back to the other, trying to out-do his/her opponent.


The conflict over religion has occurred many times in my life. After important events in the Middle East, many people blame the Islamic religion. They believe that all Muslims are terrorists and that they need to be controlled. Many people believe the Islamic religion to be extremely violent, and hold grudges as well as make mean comments towards people of that religion. This is because the acts of a few people of that religion is enough to make some people believe that they are all the same and have the same mindsets. A religion clash that took place not long ago was when Hanukkah and Christmas were on the same day. Because my father is Jewish, however my mother is Catholic, there was a serious argument over which holiday would be celebrated.

Conflict over natural resources is very common. People argue and fight over it every day. A real world example of this is the current conflict in Ukraine. Russia wants Crimea so it can have easy access to the ocean, however Crimea is a part of Ukraine, which uses the area for the same purposes. This conflict is caused by wanting the easiest way possible to do something. It can also be caused by the beliefs of what rightfully belongs to someone or something. Another clash directly related to me is when there is one cookie left, and my brother and I both want it. This usually results in a large argument or fight, until one of my parents step in.

The Enduring Understanding is indirectly related to my Latin class because Rome, the empire that spoke Latin, clashed many times over natural resources. The population of the empire was becoming too big for the area they had, so they began expanding into the new land that they needed. As they did this, they had to fight many battles and wars with other people of the area. This was a clash over natural resources that took place because the Romans needed the land, but it belonged to the people that were already living there.


The main religious differences between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism that have caused conflicts are what belongs to who. Because all the religions are based on the same God, or Allah, there is no true saying as to what each of the three gets, Like the city Jerusalem, which Christianity, Judaism, and Islam find holy, there is an everlasting conflict about who the city belongs to. Both the Muslims and the Jews believe that the city belongs to them, and because of these the two religions hate each other. The factors that seperated the three religions are who the religions find to be their prophet. Christians believe Jesus Christ God's son, Islam believes that Jesus is a prophet but not THE prophet. They believe the true prophet is Mohammed. And the Jews are still waiting for their prophet, who has not come yet.

Differences like this have occurred between the two religions before. The Crusades, which was a religious based war that Muslims won in order to tale Jerusalem occurred a long time ago, over the same topic. Both the two religions believed that Jerusalem belonged to them, and were willing to fight over this. There has also been conflict over natural resources before in the U.S. The Americans wanted to expand, however the Native Americans did not want to give up their land. Because of this, there was a lot of conflict between the two sides over a very long period of time.

I believe in the near future, there will be a war between the Muslims and the Jews. This will be over the holy city of Jerusalem. The Jews will win this war because they are backed by the Americans, who are far more powerful than the Islamic people. The U.S. will also intervene in other areas of the Middle East for the protection of their oil supply in the region. There will also never be any compromise between the Islamic or any other side, simply because of the differences and beliefs of the two.

Problem Solving

The problem exists in this marriage because while these two people are in love, their families hate each other, and this could cause a violent outbreak. Neither of the two wants their families to be hurt. The problem between Muslims and Jews is that they constantly disagree. The main conflict is over the holy city of Jerusalem, which both of the two religions consider to be rightfully theirs. They also disagree over customs and who's religion is the truly correct one. Because of the violent past between the two, it would not be surprising if the wedding led to a violent outbreak between the two families. The conflict between Islam and Judaism that is attacking each other back and forth is similar to a tennis match. During a tennis match, each opponent hits the ball back to the other, trying to out-do his/her opponent. The two religions take turns attacking each other, trying to prove they are better and convince the other to leave them alone and give them what they want or they will pay a price. This is also similar to the way that in both the religious conflict and the tennis match that the two opponents desperately want to win.

The only way to ever solve the differences is compromise. Things must be shared, otherwise the conflict will be continuous. The Jews must agree to share Jerusalem, and the Muslims must stop attacking the Jews. As for the conflict of the marriage, there should also be compromises. The wedding should take place in Jerusalem, and each religions customs should be honored during the wedding. There should also be quick and respectable consequences for people who show hate or try to attack the other at the wedding.