CC Week 22

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Hello families!

This week we'll hear music by Bach during our orchestra time, and continue our rock and mineral studies.

As we are getting back into warmer weather, for the sake of modesty, we need to establish a standard for the length of shorts worn while at CC. Please make sure shorts extend beyond fingertips when arms are held by sides. Thanks so much.

Some calendar items:

Mom's Night Out - Thursday, March 31st, 7pm (date change)

Homeschool Day at the Dallas Zoo - Tuesday, April 4th

Memory Master Testing - Wednesday, April 13th, 9am

End of Year Celebration - Thursday, April 21st, 6:30pm (invite your friends and family!)

Remember to register to hold your spots for next year! Forms can be printed from this link. We are already over half full for next year!

See you Wednesday!

This Week:

Family Presentation: Buchanan

Clean Up: Bull Kids, Buchanan & Cowden Families

Just for fun...

Below is a super snazzy rendition of a Bach fugue, complete with shiny dresses and enough hair spray to choke a horse. More interesting Bach interpretations
Swingles Organ Fugue in G Minor--Bach.wmv

Foundations to Challenge

In math today, we will teach students to chant the commutative law for addition and multiplication. Don’t worry if they don’t understand this right now. Later, as they enter the dialectic stage of math in Challenge A and Challenge B, they will begin to apply the commutative law to numbers and then to equations. This memory work ensures that they don’t have to memorize the laws at the same time they are being asked to apply them. If you want to do a simple illustration with your students, show them that you can add two red crayons to two blue crayons or two blue crayons to two red. Either way, you have four crayons—the commutative law in action!