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April 1, 2016

What you really need to know

NO AM KINDERGARTEN next Tuesday, April 12. Delayed start for the rest of the school. PM KASE will be in session.

At spring conferences, some families have requested access to leveled books for emergent readers. I am happy to share from my personal collection! Beginning readers gain confidence with practice from straightforward, predictable books with lots of sight words. These books, though very thin on plot, are great to encourage decoding of unknown words using picture cues, and to reinforce comfort and fluency with the process of reading. Email or send a note only if your child is interested in borrowing for at-home practice and I'll send some books your way on Friday, each week in April and May.

The only two rules are

1. Your child should voluntarily want to participate and

2. Please return books by the following Friday to avoid misplacing books at home.

Along those lines APRIL BOOK ORDERS are due by April 15. Flyers will come home on Monday. There are many good selections in the following flyers: Kindergarten March and April, Wild About Animals, and Spring Gift books. I encourage everyone to take a look. If you can't wait for your flyers to arrive, Go to clubs2.scholastic.com For first time users, our class activation code is HVXFH.

Mark your calendar.

NO AM KINDERGARTEN next Tuesday, April 12. Delayed start for the rest of the school. PM KASE will be in session.

No Morning Kindergarten:

April 12

May 6

June 6

Early Release at 12:15:

June 1

Last day of School:

Friday, June 17 (Early Release at 12:15)

What we've been up to.

  • In Math we are sorting collections into 2 and 4 part tables to practice adding parts into a whole. This will help us learn facts in the same family that have the same sum.
  • We have welcomed a new guest to our classroom for science observation, Amber the corn snake! We will be reading nonfiction books to find out more about snakes and reptiles and things that hatch from eggs.
  • We have created a fantastic rainbow flower garden to decorate our hallway and welcome Spring!
  • We have begun to write our own nonfiction books after researching our chosen topics in the library. Our interests include Saturn, hockey, baking, butterflies, tigers, soccer, school, the sun, Japan, and giraffes.
  • We had our first Reader's Theater and put on the play "Have You Seen My Pot of Gold?"
  • Ask your child what we did for fun on April Fool's Day. (We completed hidden picture puzzles, had a one-shoe scavenger hunt, and played Who's Missing?)

Links of the week.

Learn some cool snake facts here:


Marble addition. Drag the marbles into each box for the addends. Then count to find the sum!


Find the hidden pictures


The things kids say. For real.

Our snake's identity was concealed as she was delivered to our classroom before school and she was hiding under paper shavings in her tank when the students arrived.

Student 1: What's in there?

Student 2: is there a snake in there?

Student 1: I don't know.

Student 2: Can you see it?

Student 1: No. Maybe it's not in there.

Student 2: Maybe it left with the frog.