Receptive Communication- Understanding Others

  • Begins at birth and continues through schooling and adulthood.
  • These are specific listening, interpretation and comprehension skills (non-verbal)
  • Targeted interventions: Social understanding and social interpretation therapy

Expressive Communication- Sharing Thoughts, Ideas, or Feelings

  • These behaviors within the first 8 months are likely unintentional, but still noted.
  • As a newborn, vocalization begins.
  • Can be non-verbal or verbal
  • Targeted interventions: Pragmatic intervention for conversations and narratives.

Language- Shared Rules for Speech

  • At around one year, children may produce their first word.
  • By 6 years old, children should have a vocabulary of 2,600-7,000 words and know how they work together.
  • Progress in the secondary years consists of building vocabulary.
  • Can be non-verbal or verbal.
  • Targeted interventions: Syntax, grammar, semantics.

Articulation- How Sounds Are Made

  • Babbling begins at 4-6 months,
  • Must be verbal
  • Targeted interventions: Phonics practice