War of 1812

Battle of York (Toronto) and facts about Tecumseh.

Facts about Tecumseh

Tecumseh, Shawnee chief the military leader in the War of 1812. Tecumseh’s parents were Shawnees who lived among the Creek in what is now Alabama and Georgia. The Shawnee were a fragmented of who spoke Algonquian. In 1759 Tecumseh’s parents moved north to reunite with the tribe on the Ohio River. The Shawnee believed that they were the Great Spirit’s, that He had given them a portion of His heart. Tecumseh’s father Pukeshinwau was a Shawnee chief.

Battle of york

Battle Of York

Date: April 27, 1813

Where: York (Now known as Toronto)

What: Americans appeared in York on April 26, 1812. Chauncey's squadron had a ship-rigged Corvette (which is a boat not a car), a brig and 12 schooners (all boats by the way).

Early April 27 wave 1 of American boats came in west of York. The schooners fired grapeshot's so Sheaffe (Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada) therefore where the attackers are coming from. An American boat that carried Major Benjamin Forsyth, his riflemen only had to face some Indians, led by Indian Agent James Givins, who were outflanked by the Americans ran into the woods. So then Sheaffe ordered Glengarry Light Infantry to help Givins. But they got lost on their way because they were misdirected my Major-General Æneas Shaw.

So then the Adjutant General of the Canadian military took some of the military up Dundas Street so stop any wide American flanking.

Three more American ships landed with General Pike. On those boats there were grenadiers. They out numbered the Canadian/British. American did many things wrong, that weren't right to do. Some Americans put the buildings of the Legislative Assembly. It was said that apperently the American troops had found a scalp there, but folklore had it that the "scalp" was actually the Speaker's wig.

So the Americans took The Parliamentary mace of Upper Canada back to Washington and only returned it in 1934 as a goodwill gesture by President Franklin Roosevelt.