Africa Geo Meo

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Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in northeast Tanzania is the highest mountain in Africa. An extinct volcano, mount kilimanjaro rises in two peak, kibo(19,340) and Mawenzi(17,564). People go there to climb the mountain.

Sahara Desert is the worlds biggest

Sahara Desert is the worlds largest desert. 70 percent of it is called, "Stone desert" because its covered in coarse grain gravel. People go there for pictures and to adventure across.


Madagascar is located in the indian ocean, Madagascar is separated from the east African coast by mozambique channel, and its tropical freedom. People go there for vacation.

The Red Sea

The Red Sea is so long narrow sea that sits between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The Red Sea is linked with the Indian Ocean by Gulf of Aden. People would go there to sail on.