Mrs. Finch's 2nd Grade News

Issue 1, Vol. 6

Week of October 12th-15th, 2015

Below is the link for Mrs. Morris' Austin Newsletter. Please read! Also, please give us your feedback and let us know how we are doing at Austin Elementary by completing the Parent Survey toward the end of the newsletter. Thank you for your time and thank you for sharing your child with us!!

This Week's Academic Focus


Target Skill: Conclusions

Reading Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate

Vocabulary Strategy: homophones

Phonics: Double consonants and -ck

Grammar: Proper Nouns

Writing: Write to Inform; Expository Writing


Geometry---2D and 3D solid figures

Social Studies

Needs and Wants

Weekly Spelling/Word Study Words

Focus: double consonants and -ck

1. dress

2. spell

3. class

4. full

5. add

6. neck

7. stuck

8. kick

9. rock

10. black

11. trick

12. doll

Review words:




We are doing much better as a class as far as classroom attendance, but we are not where we need to be. Please help me by getting your child to school on time. When your child is at school on time, he/she has a better start to their day because they are able to do the necessary tasks needed to get off to a great start. Every minute counts!

If you ask your child what their morning routine is you would probably be surprised by all the little things they do before they even get seated to learn. Each task is vital to setting the stage for their learning. Some of these daily routines are as follows: turn in notes and Dojo calendar, sharpen pencils, put away lunch and playground items, get started on Xtra Math, complete their agenda, shop for classroom library books, take lunch money to the cafeteria etc. Every routine is key in to how your child's day begins.

Thank you for helping me help your child take responsibility for learning by being at school on time.

Tarleton State Teachers

This week our classroom will be playing host to some very special guest teachers. These teachers are teachers in training from Tarleton State University. We will host two teachers Tuesday through Friday as they learn more about the profession and get an opportunity to implement lesson design, work closely with us in our daily learning, and get some hands on training as to what it is like to be a second grader at Austin Elementary.

WatchDog Kick-Off Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 6pm

1776 Texas Drive

Weatherford, TX

The meeting will be held in the cafeteria. Come hear about how dads, uncles, and granddads can help at Austin!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.