Energy for the Future

Maya Lieberman


Sources of energy don't have to come from fossil fuels and coal. Why use uranium when you could use nature around you without harming the ecosystem? You know you want to help the world. Why not spread the word about using renewable energy? Here are three examples of non-harmful energy.

Water, or hydroelectric power, is one type of renewable energy. By letting the water flow through a hydroelectric dam energy is created. Guess what? The ecosystem stays unharmed and no pollution is created. Can you just think of how awesome it would be if the energy for your home came from a river? All you need is a river and you're all set. This source of energy is considered renewable because of the water cycle. In the water cycle the amount of water stays the same. By letting the water pass through the dam and spinning the turbine no water is being polluted or taken.

Another example of renewable energy is solar energy. By using solar panels you are using solar energy. Solar energy comes from the sun. We usually feel warmth from the sun. But when the sun's electromagnetic radiation hits certain materials it turns into energy which we can transform into electricity. We will always be able to have solar power because the sun won't die anytime soon. Use solar power while you can. Use the sun, the most available resource of energy we have. Don't pollute the planet when you have a healthier energy source that's right in front of your eyes.

My final example of renewable energy is the wind. Yes, I am talking about that force that blows off your hat and helps move your sailboat. Well, guess what? That same force is also a source of energy. The wind spins the wind turbine and that produces energy. No fossil fuels are burned and no harmful chemicals are produced. The environment stays fresh and clean. Put more wind turbines up. Wind is one of the least expensive sources of energy. Use it now before the earth is too polluted.

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Wind power is the way to go. Did you know that one wind turbine can power 500 homes? Imagine that! Just one wind turbine powering not only your house but 459 other buildings, without leaving a carbon footprint. Why use coal and oil when it ruins the environment and it will eventually run out? The wind will keep blowing and spinning the wind turbine and energy will be produced without the ecosystem being harmed.

Wind energy is one of the least expensive renewable energy sources and according to Wind Energy Foundation, "There's enough on-shore wind in America to power the country 10 times over. Why are we not using this energy more extensively you ask? First of all, some people think that wind power is expensive. But it's not. Wind power is one of the cheapest sources of renewable energy and is not harmful to the environment. In the long run wind power would help bring down carbon levels by using wind for energy instead of coal and fossil fuels. The more we use coal and fossil fuels the harder it will get to get rid of the pollution. Save yourself and others, use renewable energy!


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