Panther Press

for the Week of Dec 3 Plus

Morning Check-In and Tardies - Scantron Testing Incentives

As a reminder teachers, we do not do tardy sweeps for 1st period. Students coming late to 1st period are to be marked tardy by the classroom teacher following normal tardy procedures. Students do not check-in through the office until after 8:10 AM. It is imperative that teachers are marking attendance during Scantron testing days for all grades regardless of who is testing as attendance to 1st period is part of the incentive for testing. We will test Dec 3, 4, 7, 10 & 11.

Reminders from the Principal

Make sure you are reading the Panther Press each week and planning accordingly. Visit the Google Classroom to ensure you know when things are due. The next set of lesson plans is due Dec 7. The next set after Dec 7 was scheduled for Dec 19 but I have pushed it back to Jan 4 to give everyone a little bit of a breather.

Grades must be updated every week. A minimum of one grade a week is required by the district. If you have read the lesson plan template, one assignment per week is supposed to be designated in your lesson plans to be included in your gradebook. As we progress through the year, this will be something we begin looking for when we compare lesson plans to gradebooks. Something for you to consider.

The administrators will be checking lesson plans each time they are turned in. For the 1st Nine Weeks and up until now, the focus has been primarily on the standard and learning target. We will be looking at the formative assessment piece going forward. This week's lesson plans we will make suggestions on how to improve what you submit and as long as the lesson plans are complete we will not send them back to you. We will begin looking closer at the formative assessment piece on the Jan 4 submissions.

When completing your lessons plans, make sure you denote the assignments/assessments that will be entered into the gradebook. These assignments/assessments must be connected to standards. If it is not connected to a standard it should not be in the gradebook. This is a district requirement and at least one assignment must be entered each week. A copy of your lesson plans must be posted in your classroom. The Advisement Lesson Calendar will suffice for Social Development Skills.

The forms for submitting Parent Contacts is in the Google Classroom. Make sure these are up-to-date. It is the expectation that parent contacts are entered when they are made not at the end of the nine weeks or days/weeks/months later. It is imperative that these contacts are made prior to the end of the Nine Weeks. we cannot have any surprises.

All teachers will be required to administer a minimum of four assessments every nine weeks: two before progress reports and two after. The two Unit Assessments count towards the total minimum assessments required: One unit assessment must be before progress reports and one after. Plan accordingly so that required RTI activities can be completed prior progress reports and report cards going home.

I need to remind ALL staff members of a couple of things: 1) all staff members are required to remain on campus during the work day unless they have permission from an administrator to leave for school related business (teachers must sign out in Mr. Anders' Office and classified must clock out as well), 2) All staff are responsible for electronic communications and items shared through the google platform. We will be adding additional documents as the year progresses. "I did not read my email" or "I did not know how to access the google folders" is not an acceptable excuse.


Due to continued complaints from the lunchroom staff, beginning Monday, Oct 15, the round teacher tables will no longer be available in the lunchroom and all teachers will be required to sit with their students during lunch. Lunch is not duty free. All teachers are responsible for the students they take to lunch whether the students are in the hall on the way to lunch, in the line to get their food, at the lunch table, taking their trash to the garbage and in the hall on the way back to lunch. Supervision of students assigned to the teacher is one of the primary professional responsibilities of the teacher.

Important Reminders for the Week of Dec 3 Plus

Dec 3 - Scantron Testing Begins - Coming today from Dr. Foster

Dec 3 - Timecards due by 3 PM

Dec 4 & 5 - Crisis Center Presentations: Conflict Resolution with 6th Grade

Dec 4 - Scantron Testing Continues


Dec 4 - FBLA Meeting after school

Dec 4 - HMS Basketball @ Minor Middle

Dec 4 - Beginning Band Concert @ Brighton School

Dec 5 - Edgenuity Training in the Conference Room

Dec 5 - Monthly FCCLA Meeting after school

Dec 5 - Student Council Meeting after school

Dec 5 - HMS Basketball @ Bragg Middle School

Dec 6 & 7 Crisis Center Presentations: Stress Management - 8th Grade

Dec 6 - PLUS Day for Science and English in Conference Room - Science AM, English PM

Dec 6 - Concert/Symphonic Band Concert @ North Highland Baptist Church

Dec 7 - Scantron Testing Continues

Dec 7 - Panther Passes due for Diagnostic Exemptions by 3 PM

Dec 7 - Grades posted by 3 PM

Dec 7 - Lesson Plans due by 3 Pm in the Classroom

Dec 10 & 11 - Scantron Testing Continues

Dec 10 - Timecards approved by 3 PM


Dec 11 - NJHS Meeting after school

Dec 12 - HMS Basketball @ Fairfield Prep School

Dec 13 -18 - 1st Semester Diagnostics Begin - 1st Semester Diagnostic Schedule

Dec 13 - HMS Basketball vs Bragg @ HMS

Dec 14 - Grades due posted by 3 PM

Dec 17 - Timecards must be approved by 3 PM

Dec 18 - Last day for students before the break

Dec 18 - HMS Basketball @ PG

Dec 19 - Teacher Work Day - PTA Sponsored Lunch

Dec 20-Jan 2 - Mid-Year Holidays

Jan 3 - District PD Day

Jan 4 - School PD Day

Jan 4 - Lessons Plans due by 3 PM in the Google Classroom

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