Digital Activism

How the World is developing along with our Technology

Digital Activism allows people to have an Insight into other's lives by using digital channels (usually social medias) as a way to have their voices heard for a more meaningful impact on subjects of interest.
Digital Activism is usually non-violent and tends to work best when a social media tool(s) is combined with street-level organization.

Effective digital activism although, employs a number of social media tools. Those tools could include a Buffer,IFTTT, Canva, Edgar, Post Planner, Bundlepost, Feedly, Inkybee, Tagboard, Circloscope, SproutSocial, Viralheat, Onalytica, etc;

Political campaigns can either make-it or break-it when waged against the Government, rather than business authorities. What plays off of this is the fact that people have found a powerful way to voice their support and environmental issues in a sort of neutral setting.

On the other hand we have Digital Giving. With this, individuals are able to support what they want, when they want, and how they want.

Americans are the most willing to take online actions that have a direct impact on an issue. They're aloud to voice their personal opinions on anything and everything that they can think of.

On an end note, the World is finding a way to expand on more important issues while accessing the digital tools given to them. They're now able to showcase anything on Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, etc; If you pay attention now, you could really see how these things are taking over our world and faster than we know or expect it.