By: Nathan Ross

The Cell Theory

The Cell Theory

All organisms are made up of one or more cell.

The cell is the most basic unit of structure, function, and organization in all organisms.

All cells arise from pre-existing, living cells.

Robert Hooke

Philosopher, architect, and poly math.

Born on July 28, 1935, freshwater, U.K.

Died on March 3, 1703 in London U.K.

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

Tradesman and scientist and considered the first Microbiologist.

Born on October 24, 1632 in Delft, Netherlands.

Died August 26, 1723 in Delft, Netherlands.

Rudolf Virchow

Doctor,anthropologist,pathologist,prehistorian,biologist,writer,editor, and politician.

Born on October 13, 1821in Swidwin, Poland

Matthias Schleiden

German botanist, an cofounder of the cell theory.

Born on April5, 1804

Died on June 23,1881

Theodor Schwann

German physiologist.

Born on December 7, 1810 in Nuess, Germany.

Died on January 11, 1882 in Cologne, Germany.