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September 24, 2015

Greetings, friends!

I am so excited that this Sunday at Protestant Worship will be our first Taizé service of the semester. If you haven't experienced a Taizé service before, I highly recommend you join us on Sunday at 8:30 pm. We will sing, pray, and meditate together in the beauty of the candlelit chapel. These services are always refreshing to me in a way that I can't quite explain. I leave feeling peaceful, relaxed, and as if I have taken time to dwell in the presence of God.

Taizé is named for a community in France that was founded in 1940. Brother Roger settled in Taizé (a small town near the demarcation line between northern and southern France) and purchased some uninhabited buildings. The initial use for that space was to house refugees--many of which were Jewish. When French authorities found out about what they were doing, they were advised to leave. Brother Roger returned several years later and opened up the grounds to care for orphaned children and German prisoners of war. Gradually, other men came to join the community and made a lifelong commitment to a life of simplicity and celibacy.

As the years went on, more brothers joined the community and more and more people began to make pilgrimages to the Taizé Community in fulfillment of Brother Roger's long held sense of calling. Today, Taizé is a truly ecumenical community with brothers from both Catholic and Protestant traditions serving all over the world. Their aims are to promote the ideals of peace and unity that are bedrocks of the Taizé community.

In recent years, thousands of young people have begun to make the journey to Taizé where they are welcomed and invited to worship and be in dialogue with people who represent numerous backgrounds. Young people from countries at war with one another sit together at meals and kneel together in worship. The Taizé Community sings primarily in Latin and French as a means of uniting people of many languages in one common one.

This is just a little bit of information about what Taizé is and where it originated. I sincerely hope you'll join us on Sunday as we lift our voices --and several different musical instruments via our Taizé ensemble--together in worship of God and in the true spirit of peace and ecumenism of Taizé.



Join us for Taizé!

Weekly services are held Sunday nights at 8:30 pm in Linehan Chapel.

This week we will worship via the contemplative sung practice of Taizé. All are invited to join us for this candlelit evening of song, scripture, and silence.

Divine Doughnuts

Tuesdays @ 9:15AM in GAC 151
Coffee. Sprinkles.Prayer

Joint weekly gathering of the Nazareth Catholic and Protestant Communities

Prayer, Reflection, and Exploration

This short video on the Community of Taizé gives you a feel for what it's like to travel to Taizé, France and experience worship in this truly ecumenical and global environment. Christians (and even non-Christians!) come from around the world to worship, dialogue, and live in community.

Spring Break service retreat to Clairvaux Farm! March 6-12, 2016

You are invited to be a part of the Center for Spirituality's 22nd annual service retreat to Clairvaux Farm in Earleville, MD.

Who will we be serving? Deep Roots at Clairvaux Farm is a community that aims to serve children and families affected by homelessness and poverty. They provide transitional housing, educational opportunities, and spiritual support to families in need.

What will we be doing? We will provide support by completing necessary construction and clean-up projects and interacting with Clairvaux residents. We also take a day to explore Washington D.C. and meet with representatives from the National Coalition for the Homelessness.

If you are looking for a way to engage your faith and serve in the spirit of Christ over this spring break, I encourage to come and by and pick up an application at GAC 164 or to email to get an electronic application. This is a life changing opportunity to serve others and live in community for a week.

Naz Christian Fellowship (NCF)

Throughout the semester there are multiple opportunities to explore your faith. If you're looking for Bible Study, fellowship, music, food, and more, NCF is the place to be! Contact Ceara Curry (, Meaghan Porter (, Claire Sobraske (, or Laura Mater ( if you'd like more information!

Here's the schedule for the semester:

9/30 Cafe Night at Colie's

10/7 Bible Study

10/14 Bible Study

10/21 Bible Study

10/28 Cafe Night at Colie's

11/4 Bible Study

11/11 Café Night at Colie's

11/18 Bible Study

12/2 Social night! Trivia at Applebee's - meet at 8:30 pm

12/9 Christmas Party - cookie decorating!

NCF also offers rides to three local churches. If you are interested in getting a ride to church contact Nadia at

"NCF is a community that welcomes and supports one another by modeling Christ in service to others."

Fall Ecumenical Retreat 2015!


Friday, Oct. 2nd, 4pm to Sunday, Oct. 4th, 3pm


231 Monastery Rd

Pine City, NY

More information

Meet new people ~ Get off campus ~ Enjoy home cooked food ~ Meet Real Live Monks! ~ Chase some sheep ~ Spend time outdoors ~ Discover more about yourself and God

Cost ONLY $15.00 (scholarships available if needed)

To RSVP, respond to this e-mail or on the list next to Jamie’s office, GAC 162.

Note: We will leave campus at 4:00pm on Friday and return by noon on Sunday.

You can bring homework with you! Space is limited and will fill up fast!!!

Get to know the community!

Each week we ask a question in the sign-in book at worship.

This week's question was:

Best thing about fall?

the smell



Dallas Cowboys football

leaves, wind, temperature

pumpkin spice

apples, crisp air

apple picking



ecumenical retreat (x2)


leaves, apples, pumpkins

Local Church Connections

If you are interested in attending worship at a local church and don't know where to start, contact Nadia (

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Nazareth Protestant Community is part of the Center for Spirituality and is an open and welcoming community made up of students reflecting a variety of religious traditions and backgrounds. We worship weekly, host an annual service trip, enjoy fellowship events together, and seek to serve both our Nazareth and larger community. Come and check us out!