Mission San Juan Bautista

By Cristofer Sanchez

Mission History

Mission San Juan Bautista. The church was build on December, 31, 1797. The church was take down in 1929. The Indian tribe was the yokuts. The number mission history 21. Father Felipe del Arroyo was the founder in June,24,1979. In 1798 the yokuts were prepared to attack. The location was in California.

Mission History

Daily Life

The indian tribe was the yokuts. People were in charge. The yokuts did the chores. The crops were grown on sand. The church was made with adobe with mud and tule roof. There was no school. The yokuts did not have any free time. People grow the crops to eat.

Mission San Juan Bautista. The indian was the yokuts.


Mission Today

It was open arched walls from side aisles from mane aislon. And there were no feild trips and museums. The church was for men and women to marry.



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