Identity theft

Robby Resch

Identity theft

the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person's private identifying information, usually for financial gain.

The steps a person can do to protect their personal info are

  1. don't keep all your cards in the same wallet.
  2. don't give out personal info.
  3. keep you bank card somewhere safe.
  4. keep your social security number somewhere safe.
  5. don't give out ant personal info.

The kind of info that is stolen info that is stolen is...

your social security number, bank cards, bank account number and any other personal info.

What the thief can do with the stolen info is...

use it, sell it, hack into it, or give it to random people.

A person should...

tell the police, tell your bank, tell your credit card company, tell your family, or tell the authority if their identity is stolen.