Digital Literacy Final Exam

Digital Footprint

What is a Digital Footprint & Why it's Important

  • A digital footprint is the data collected from things people post and share online and it's important because it is a representation that people see of you and it can determine a lot of things that happen for you in the future with things like jobs and schools. You can control your digital footprint and it is your choice weather to put negative or positive things out there for everyone to see
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My Digital Footprint

  • My digital footprint consists of pictures and posts about things that happen in my life that are fun or exciting. I use Facebook and Instagram to mostly just look at what other people post but I do sometimes post things of my own such as a picture or a tweet about my friends or family. This impacts my digital footprint in a good way because I am not posting bad or inappropriate things for others to see. It shows that I am just someone who is good and doesn’t do bad things and I am with my friends and family and am a positive person.
  • I have a Twitter and LinkedIn account but I don't post anything on there
  • My LinkedIn-
  • My Twitter-
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Impact on Future

My footprint can impact my future in a good way because if I’m looking for a job when I’m older, people will see that I don’t post bad things and it could help me get a good position. They will see I interact with people and I am positive. Not really anything I have is harmful because I don’t post anything like that. I am always aware of what I'm posting and I know that anyone is able to see it. What you do today can follow you for the rest of your life
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Improving My Footprint

  • Improving my footprint will only make myself look better, I can add things that show people talent or skill that I have
  • I can add awards that I have won
  • Things I've done to help the community
  • Talk about things I have participated in

Maintaining a Positive Footprint

The most important thing I have learned was that anyone can find out things about you if you put it out there for everyone to see and that no matter how private you think something is, it really isn’t.