By: Adrianna and Caylee

Me and Caylee read the e-book called Teens Stopping Cyberbullying. We knew that it wasn’t ok to bully let alone cyberbully, but we learned some of the “side-effects” that follow bullying. It might cause someone to be self-conscious or insecure. Or want to want to kill themselves. This kind of stuff gets bad. If you or a friend are getting bullied, contact an adult right away! If you ever think about bullying anyone, THINK AGAIN BUCKO!

We also found out that 33 percent of teenagers have been victims of cyberbullying. That means that 33.5 percent or more are bullies or not. Cyberbully can be in many different ways. Such as texting, email, chatting, or on the phone even. If you get any threats of any sort, tell a trusted adult. If anyone even sends you something mean, or that you think is mean, tell an adult.

Some websites that are social networks are Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram and Pinterest. Instagram and Pinterest can be a bullying site because you can post embarrassing pictures and put rude, or mean captions or comments or even memes. Remember the Golden Rule, Treat others the way you would want to be treated. That means if you don’t want embarrassing pictures posted of you, don’t post embarrassing pictures of others. You shouldn’t make any Facebook post that would hurt anyones feelings or embarrassing things. Don’t post secrets that people have told you. Remember, they have trusted you to keep that and if it gets out, some bad things could happen. Also remember that all of your Facebook friends can see it and you cannot permanently delete anything.

When you tell an adult. You tell them everything. Even if you aren’t the one being bullied. It may seem like it is not your business, but it is your business that one of your friends is in serious danger. The bully may call you a tatle tale. But you were possibly saving a life. Bullying is serious and is extremely dangerous. It may kill someone. So if you see someone being bullied. TELL AN ADULT.

So far we have learned that cyberbullying can hurt people in many different ways. So, again, if you are getting bullied or see someone being bullied in any way, TELL AN ADULT! Don’t bully! Be a buddy not a bully! THE END!