Divisibility Rules!

By: Michael B

Rule for 10

Here's an explanation from me!

For example ( 160/10 =16)

Here's The rule for 9.

A little web-page that I found when I was digging around.

For example (45/9=5)

Divisibility Rules for 6!

If the number is divisible by 2 or 3 it is also divisible by 6. For example (24 is divisible by 3, which equals 8, and is also by 2 which equals 12!)

Here are the rules for 5!

For an example (65/5=13)

Here are the rules for 4

If the last two digits are divisible by 4 then you have a divisible number.

For example (412_12/4=3) so, ye sit is divisible by 4!

Here are the rules for 3!

For Example (24 (2+4) /3=8)

Divisibility Rule for 3

Last but not least, rules for 2.

If the last number is even or can be divided by 2!

For example(26(6/2=3)/2=13)