KB Classroom Update 10

January 15, 2016

Parent Update

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 to all of our KB friends and family! Oh the weather outside is frightful, but our class is so delightful. And since we are back together now, let us grow let us grow let us grow!

We are so happy and excited to be back at school with our KB friends, as we continue to learn and have fun! We jumped right back into Lit and Math Blocks, Reader's and Writer's Workshops, Phonics, and IB. We also had our very first trip to Park Slope Armory, which was tons of fun! Everyone has easily gotten back into the swing of things and we have hit the ground running.

In Second Step, our social-emotional curriculum, we have been discussing ways in which we can calm down when we feel strong feelings, as well as handling waiting. Some strategies we came up with were taking deep breaths, finding a quiet space to calm down, telling a friend or teacher about the situation, and more. We enjoyed reading books about it and role-played different situations. Ask your kid at home how to stop, name the strong feeling, and take a belly breath in order to calm down and be patient.

30 Questions to Ask Your Kids

The simple question, “How was your day?” is a conversation killer, especially for younger kids. Here are 30 alternatives that will inspire more than a grunt in reply!

BPCS Monthly IB Learner Profile: Open-Minded

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Max and Benjamin

Open-Minded: "We respect others."

  • I am understanding and value others' thoughts.
  • I listen to the thoughts and ideas of others.
  • I value the similarities and differences of my peers.
  • I learn from other cultures, points of view, and traditions.

Over the past month of December, these KB students have exemplified what it means to be a risk taking student at Brooklyn Prospect. Other students gave examples of open-minded moments such as:

  • Mrs. Mulwanda - "I hear Ben say a lot "Oh! Okay, that's cool!" when a friend tells him something new.
  • Ms. Park - "Max talks with a lot of different friends and tries to listen to everyone's ideas during play time. Whenever a problem arises, he tries to come up with a solution by taking other people's feelings into consideration."

Let us learn, let us learn, let us learn!

Pod Video

Pod Learning

Recently, we have been working increasingly more in small groups called "pods" for most days. Pods give us a time to meet with the students in small groups of 8 or less, four times a week. While the teachers are working on academics with those groups, other groups get to have some free choice time and independent writing time. Each group rotates through all the centers and get some solid learning and play time! We find that learning in pods is beneficial because it gets students involved at a personal level, increases social skills through group interaction, allows for students to have an increased chance in equal participation, and allows teachers to give more attention to each student. Watch the video to get a glimpse of what it looks like in our classroom!

Let us play, let us play, let us play!

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Relay Race
Volunteer to help during Recess at Park Slope Armory

Please join on every other Friday from 10:00-12:00pm as we play at Park Slope Armory!

KB Morning Read Aloud

Volunteer for Morning Read Aloud

KB loves reading, and we love hearing other adults read to us. If you would like to join us for a morning read aloud, please use the link above to volunteer. We can't wait for you to visit!

KB Family Community Share

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Trixie's Family (Alex, Trixie, and Andy)

Wind the Bobbin Up
Volunteer for Family Community Share

KB loves learning about different types of communities along with our inquiry unit. Please use the link above to sign up and share about your family's cultural tradition and heritage!

Specials in Kindergarten B!

Spanish with Ms. Rosado

KB keeps moving hacia delante in Español. During this new term, we are learning to orient ourselves: derecha (right), izquierda (left), delante (forward), and atrás (backwards). KB is getting ready to move in Spanish as we play blindfold games, jump the rope, follow the leader, and put the tail on the donkey. So Fun! We are also getting ready to explore the world using maps and the cardinal points: norte, sur, este y oeste. It’s going to be an exciting new semester!

We are practicing non-stop our new songs: Los puntos cardinales. Check out the video and lyrics and keep practicing at home as well: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz-v6fgxb3FmZGZHNm11ZVI2WjA/view?usp=sharing

P.S. Last year, at the end of December we had so much fun with the parranda (the Puerto Rican version of parranda). We made maracas out of spoons, cups, and rice, and walked around school singing and surprising everyone with a latin touch. Check out our pictures and videos below.

LOS PIMPOLLOS - Los Puntos Cardinales
Derecha e Izquierda

¡De Parranda en BPCS (Flashback Friday)!

KB Parranda

Music with Ms. Raccio

Students in KB are starting this new year by exploring "The Orchestra" in music. They explored a fun, interactive website SFS Kids here at school. I encourage you to continue exploring this website with your children at home, listen to orchestral works - and if possible - see live performances!

In a few weeks, after the students have learned the parts of the orchestra, they will have an opportunity to create pitched and non-pitched instruments out of nontraditional instrument materials such as coffee cans, shoe boxes, and soda bottles.

To help us prepare for this, I am requesting/inviting everyone to bring in ANY objects that normally might be recycled to the "BPCS DT Music Recycling Center". Please ensure that all items are thoroughly cleaned and safe for student use (no sharps, etc).

Items can included, but are not limited to:

  • Cans of all sizes (coffee, soup, etc)
  • Jars of all sizes (baby food, salsa) - lids are a plus!
  • Boxes (wooden, plastic)
  • Bottles
  • Bags of beads/old beans/pasta/etc.
  • Unwanted kitchen supplies (pots, etc)

Thanks in advance for your help! I will show THIS VIDEO as part of class. I hope it inspires you as well as our students!

Instrument Bingo

Art with Ms. Walsh

KB really wants it to snow outside! They are putting all of their creative energy into cutting, gluing, and sparkling up the environment. Six is the magic number when it comes to snowflakes. Fingers crossed, Jack Frost hears their calls soon! Check out their snowflakes below! Happy New Year!


  • Starting last week, we started sending home books with your child on Fridays to read over the weekend. Your child will bring home 1-2 books that he or she read over the course of the week, plus a special book that you can read to your child (that book will be above your child’s level). These books will give your child another opportunity to engage with texts at their independent reading level. Feel free to encourage your child to read it to you over the weekend and return it by Tuesday in his/her green take-home folder. Please note: this is not​ homework, as we do not assign homework in Kindergarten at BPCS. However, these are books your child will feel successful at reading and it would be a great opportunity for more practice. In order to receive a new book, it is important that your child returns the books they took home over the weekend.
  • We are in need of ziplock baggies! Please check our Amazon wishlist to donate ziplock baggies to our classroom. Thank you parents!


  • Please support your child's reading at home by logging into the website, RAZ Kids (stands for Reading A-Z Kids) and accessing 100s of books that your child can read independently! The site is set for your child's specific reading level to help meet them where they are and support their reading growth. Happy reading everyone!
  • Bi-weekly trips to the Park Slope Armory began on Friday January 8th. We will go from 10-12pm and then come back to eat lunch in the classroom. Please send your child to school with rubber-soled shoes or a change of shoes (if they wear winter boots). Sign up to volunteer using the link provided below.
  • During our upcoming Transportation Unit, students will be inquiring about the different ways that we travel around Brooklyn, the country, and the world. As part of our study, we will be visiting the New York Transit Museum. YAY! We are going on our first field trip on Friday, March 11th from 9-12:30pm.

Classroom Links

RAZ Kids (Reading A-Z Kids)

Teacher Username: kbclassroom, Child's password: first and last initial.

Volunteer to help out during Recess at Metrotech

Please join us on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fridays from 11:15-12:00pm as we play at Metrotech!

Volunteer to help during Recess at Fort Greene Park

Please join us on Wednesdays from 11:15-1:00pm as we play and eat at Fort Greene Park!

KB Amazon Wish List

If you donate something to the class, we want to thank you in advance and we would appreciate if you could tell us the itemized list, so we could pass the information along to the Operations Team in order for them to ensure that we receive the items.

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