Between dreams and reality

The true face of social networks !

Everything you need to know before we Registering social network.

A social network is a personal page that a user can create to share with family and friends. But there are some risks that we must to be careful :

- All that is put on the web is saved even If you delete ( personal information, pictures, ... ).

- For some people it easy to hack your account.

-Some pictures can shock you !

- ...


Cyberbullying is when one child is a target of another child on internet. This child can be humiliate, threaten, intimidate, ...
The cyberbully can be destroy your life.

Its important to not be afraid and speak with adults : they can help you !
And some aid was selected to you, read it and be careful !
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Delete Cyber Bullying

To conclude :

  • In dreams : We think that social networks can not hurt us.

  • In reality : Many people have suffered because of social networks.

But...You aren't alone !

==> Together we can fight cyberbullying but for this, you should talk !!