Locked Up or Immigrant?

Which Get Treated Better?

About Me

My name is Rafael Robles. I attend F.L. Schlagle High School. I am currently in 10th grade. I was born and grown in Kansas City, Ks.

Why Am I Writing This

I am writing this blog because I have a lot of family that are currently locked up and a lot of family who are immigrants, I want to know if people who are locked up get better treatment than immigrants. In this blog I will be stating "FACTS" and only facts. All of them will fascinate you with their simplicity. I will be researching both sides of this case. We will find out together, if it is better to be "Locked Up or Free".

Cells (Living Situation)

Inmates have assigned rooms or cells. Usually two inmates are put in a room with a bunk bed. Inmates do not get to choose where they are sent to live. They may request a cell change, but bed space and prison needs are the main concerns. Roommates are chosen by staff based on age, work assignments, medical Situations, mental health issues, protection issues, history of violent behavior, and space availability. Not all of these apply to every person, but they are possible considerations. If an inmate does not get along with their assigned roommate, they should speak with a counselor or unit supervisor to explore other housing option. So Basically a prisoner has no choice on where he/she can live.


Work release provides a connection between prison and life outside of prison. It represents an opportunity for inmates with six months or less left in prison to adjust to community life. It provides an opportunity for the Department and the community to monitor that adjustment and ensure the inmate is establishing the necessary positive contacts and resources in the community while still involved in the structured environment of work release.

Work release allows monitored access to the community to:

  • Find employment
  • Re-establish family ties and renew family support
  • Pay legal legally bound things to the court and/or victims
  • Pay for part of the cost of their incarceration
  • Save money necessary to begin again

Who's Paying

Does anyone who pay taxes know what and where their state taxes go toward in the state prison system? First off it costs $33,000 plus a year per inmate in the state prison system to take care of him/her. They get cloth food and school. Did you know that each inmate who attends school classes in the prison gets paid by the state to attend?

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Life Of Fear

Most illegal immigrants fear and the stress over their lives of "Undocumented Immigrants". Adults and kids alike must keep their situation a secret from nearly everyone they meet, afraid they'll be deported and sent back.

The Life Of Staying Invisable

Many "undocumented immigrants" work very hard to stay "invisible." They avoid things that can get themselves caught, or make people ask questions. They need to be invisible because their safe in not being noticed

Abused And Used

"Undocumented immigrants" are often taken advantage of by the people they work for. Employers might feel free to pay low wages and don't care about dangerous conditions, because the workers have no legal way of complaining. If they go to the police, they risk being arrested themselves and deported. If they complain or make trouble in other ways, the bosses can call immigration and have them taken away. I sadly have family that are in these kind of situations.

Things We Take For Granted

Because "undocumented immigrants" live in fear of being deported, they often go without things that others take for granted. Some parents don't enroll their kids in school, or take them to the doctor when they're sick, for fear that these things could get them arrested or deported.


Immigrants can't buy houses because of lack of documents, sometimes they are forced to move into a house that has a landlord that can abuse the person. I have an uncle that lives in a crappy little house, in a bad neighborhood that he has to pay $700 each month for rent. He can't complain to the landlord because they might kick him out and he doesn't have anywhere else to go.

Bills, Bills, And More Bills

Due to the lack of documents, most immigrants can't get services like insurance. This means that if one day the person is to get hurt they will have to pay out of wallet and since most cant get a decent job they will struggle a lot to pay. And of course some people wont even take the chance of going to the hospital because they might be scared of getting caught.
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My Thoughts On The Subject

I personally think that America can do better on its systems. I don't think that prisoners should be treated better than immigrants or other Americans. Prisoners like my cousin get free college classes. I don't think that is fair. While immigrants have to work hard to get a home or an apartment to live in prisoners get free housing. It might not be a real home but at least they don't need to pay or worry about having a roof over their head.